2018 Exhibits

Memories of Childhood

Michal Greenboim

Kev Filmore

 Portfolio Showcase 
Flynn Larsen and Leslie Jean-Bart

Exhibition Dates:
April 7 to May 6, 2018

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 7
, 5-7 pm  

Michal Greenboim, Orchard Trail   
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Baby Lips Shell by Michal Goldboim

Baby Lips Shell by Michal Greenboim

Parking Piano Lesson by Michal Greenboim

Parking Piano Lesson by Michal Greenboim

Kev Filmore, 21 Magnolia Road
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Mom Needs Help by Kev Filmore

Mom Needs Help by Kev Filmore

Dad's Ice by Kev Filmore

Dad’s Ice by Kev Filmore

Portfolio Showcase

Flynn Larsen, 
Memories of Childhood: Portraits and Still Lifes
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Kinderharten Day 1 by Flynn Larsen

Kindergarten Day 1 by Flynn Larsen

Leslie Jean-Bart, Memories of Childhood By The Sea
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Friendship By The Sea by Leslie Jean-Bart

Friendship By The Sea by Leslie Jean-Bart

About the ART and the ARTISTS

Michal Greenboim, Orchard Trail

Hello-Leaf by Michal Greenboim

Hello-Leaf by Michal Greenboim

In “Orchard Trail” Michal Greenboim creates photographic diptychs. These photographs were taken as individual images over the years, as daily responses to the world around her, as in a visual journal, and later paired. In examining the photographs she realized that she “had subconsciously been photographing [her] childhood.” She says, “The pictures in front of me held deep memories of curiosity, innocence and wonder. They were my remembrances, wandering in the backyard, exploring moments like the sound of a tree [or] a bird in the sky.”

She grew up in a small town in Israel called Pardes Chana that means Hana Orchard. She says of her childhood “the town was full of orange, avocado and mango orchards. I remember neighbors stopping by with mangos and [we] giving our avocados in exchange. Kids would walk by themselves to the next-door-neighbors for story time or a piano lesson. I remember going with my father to pick oranges from our orchard. When I look at my photographs …, I am reminded of who I truly am.”

Bio:  Michal Greenboim developed an early interest in photography after watching her grandfather, who always had a camera present to capture family moments. Following a career as an interior designer and computer engineer, she later moved into photography, publishing her first photography book “Orchard Trail,” a narrative of childhood stories and memories, in 2016.Greenboim has exhibited her work in shows across the United States, including a recent solo exhibition of “Orchard Trail” The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA. She has also shown her work at the Art of Photography Show in San Diego and at the Los Angeles Center for Photography in California, Photo Place in Vermont, Tilt Gallery in Arizona , Dickerman Gallery in San-Francisco, Orton Davis in Hudson, NY and Fabric project in Los Angeles . Her photograph “Rear Blues” won third place in the “World in Place” competition in the “Sense of Place” category, PDN Magazine, December 2016. In 2017, Greenboim was awarded an exhibition at the Griffin Museum from the Los Angeles Center of Photography.  Greenboim now lives in La Jolla, California and started her MFA studies in June 2017.

Kev Filmore, 21 Magnolia Rd.

Dad, Ice by Kev Filmore

Dad, Ice by Kev Filmore

21 Magnolia Rd. is Kev Filmore’s childhood story about being raised by seemingly successful, but mentally ill parents in the 1960’s. Her mixed media compositions illustrate her search for the truth about her upbringing, which, despite a happy facade, was riddled with addiction, sexual abuse and emotional neglect. Filmore realized early on that life did not have to be miserable.She had two worlds growing up, the one at home and the other one waiting just outside our front door and in her imagination. She learned to see beauty where shadows loomed.

“Examining the stuff of my childhood has revealed, reinforced, and left some questions still unanswered. I put the past back together, along with myself in the process.”

Bio: Kev Filmore, of Hudson-on-Croton NY, began her lifelong love of exploring photographic processes including mix media, while earning a BFA from University of the Arts. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, PDNEDU and PDN’s 2010 Annual. Her Dreamers series received a 2005 Golden Light Award and her Abandoned series earned second place Portfolio by PIEA in 2009. From 2014 through 2018, images from her current series, 21 Magnolia Rd., have been selected for inclusion in exhibitions at Garrison Art Center, Tilt Gallery, The Griffin Museum, Candela Gallery and The Curated Fridge. This project was also featured in October 2017 issue #18 of The HAND Magazine and is in the permanent PhotoPlace Online Gallery for Myths, Legends, and Dreams. Filmore is a Nationally Honored Educator 2016, and was awarded a Vivian Pomex Sabbatical 2017-18.

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries
the gallery is also featuring portfolios by
Flynn Larsen & Leslie Jean-Bart

Flynn Larsen, Memories of Childhood

Constellation Hippity Hop by Flynn Larsen

Constellation Hippity Hop by Flynn Larsen

Flynn Larsen’s series of images is an interweaving of still life and portraiture, made to preserve the memory of her daughter’s smallness, and the abundance of her imagination. The portraits, woven in among the still lifes, tell the story of the time before her baby brother came along, and after. These photographs are from Larsen’s motherly point of view; as she makes each, she also imagines herself looking at them decades down the line, as if to say to her future self, “remember this? And This? And this?”

Bio: Flynn Larsen, of Beacon NY, has published two books: The Autobiography of an Apartment House (2014), a collaboration with her father exploring stories of the Upper West Side tenants in the building in which was raised, and Nature Morte (2013), a meditation on the quiet emotion of objects and spaces in domestic settings. One of her Cosmic Dust photographs was recently included in a juried group show at the Davis Orton Gallery, in Hudson, NY. She is currently working on a long term series of self-portraits, as well as a project about history and its interpretation, plus continuing her commercial work as a portrait and documentary photographer for a range of clients.

 Larsen was born and raised in New York City, studied English Literature at Carleton College (Northfield, MN), and Photography at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA), returning to New York to start a commercial photography practice.  She lives in Beacon, NY with her husband and two children.

Leslie Jean-Bart, Memories of Childhood By the Sea

The Pull of the Sea by Leslie Jean-Bart

The Pull of the Sea by Leslie Jean-Bart

“The ocean is a magical place to me.” In Haiti, during childhood summers, Leslie Jean-Bart and his older brother would spend countless hours swimming in the ocean, in absolute delight. These memories have nourished and sustained him.  “By the sea side is a place where I can regain my balance, where I can think clearly, where I can create, and where I can be a kid again without caring for even a fraction of a second what others may think or not.

Bio:  Born in Haiti where he acquired his love for the ocean, Leslie Jean-Bart now lives in New York City. He works predominantly in the medium of photography. After earning a master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University, Jean-Bart was on staff at Sotheby’s and Christies where he was surrounded daily by the world’s greatest art.
Leslie began exhibiting in 2001, when a number of his collages were part of the exhibit “Committed To The Image: Contemporary Black Photographers” at the Brooklyn Museum. From 2001-2003 he took part in a number of group exhibits at Monique Goldstrom Gallery in SoHo, NYC. In 2004 Jean-Bart became the sole caretaker of his mother who has dementia. During one of the most trying period of taking care of his mother, Jean-Bart started “Reality & Imagination”, his ongoing series of eight years. He has since had solos and taken part in group exhibits in NYC and various states in the US.