Flynn Larsen – Memories of Childhood

Pigment prints on archival cotton satin paper, all in editions of 3. Square format prints are 12″ x 12″, rectangular prints are 13″x19″. All prints $600.
Other size available for square format prints: 8″x8″, open edition $200.

About the work

This collection of images is an interweaving of still life and portraiture. The still lifes are documentation of a child’s connection to her objects of play, rich in color and light, where each small thing becomes a universe for her.

And then there is her mother, myself, remembering these artifacts through photography to preserve the memory of her daughter’s smallness, and the abundance of her imagination.

The portraits woven in tell the story of the time before her baby brother came along, and after. These memories are from my point of view, but as I make the photos I also imagine her looking at these photographs decades down the line, as if to say to her future self, “remember this? And This? And this?”

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Kindergarten, Day 1, 2014 by Flynn Larsen

Kindergarten, Day 1, 2014

Untitled by Flynn Larsen


Untitled by Flynn Larsen


Untitled by Flynn Larsen


Window at Dusk, Summertime, 2016 by Flynn Larsen

Window at Dusk, Summertime, 2016

Winter Light with Tea, 2015 by Flynn Larsen

Winter Light with Tea, 2015

Untitled, 2013 by Flynn Larsen

Untitled, 2013

Birdbath, 2015 by Flynn Larsen

Birdbath, 2015

Untitled, 2016 by Flynn Larsen

Untitled, 2016

Looking into the Sun, 2016 by Flynn Larsen

Looking into the Sun, 2016

Untitled, 2016 by Flynn Larsen

Untitled, 2016

Hatchet, 2017 by Flynn Larsen

Hatchet, 2017


BIO: Flynn Larsen was born and raised in New York City, studied English Literature at Carleton College (Northfield, MN), and Photography at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA), returning to New York to start a commercial photography practice in 2000.

She has published two books: The Autobiography of an Apartment House (2014), a collaboration with her father exploring stories of the Upper West Side tenants in the building in which was raised, and Nature Morte (2013), a meditation on the quiet emotion of objects and spaces in domestic settings.

One of her images from her Cosmic Dust series was recently included in a juried group show at the Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY. She is currently working on a long-term series of self-portraits, as well as a project about history and its interpretation.

Larsen continues her commercial work as a portrait and documentary photographer for a range of clients. She lives in Beacon, NY with her husband and two children.