Fifth Annual Group Show
photography, photo-based works, video

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Juror: Paula Tognarelli
Executive Director & Curator: Griffin Museum of Photography 

Reception for Artists
Saturday, July 27, 5-7 pm

Show dates: July 20 – August 11, 2019

5th Annual Group Show, photography, photo-based works, video

•Amanda Dahlgren  •Gail Albert  •Mildred Alpern  •Zia Ayub  •Sue Bailey  •Terry Barczak  •Joan Barker  •Amy Becker  •Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh  •Marilyn Canning  •Natalie Christensen  •Robert Coppola  •Anastasia Davis  •Chris DeMarco  •Ken Dreyfack  •Suzette Dushi  •Steven Edson  •Diane Fenster  •Kev Filmore  •Joan Fitzsimmons  •Steve Gentile  •Paul Greenberg  •Richard Greene  •Anna Grevenitis  •Charles Hall  •Susan Higgins  •Janet Holmes  •Leslie Jean-Bart  •Diana Nicholette Jeon  •Marcy Juran  •Jen Kiaba  •Karen Klinedinst  •Jack Laforte  •Rusty Leffel  •Laura Migliorino  •Lynette Miller  •Judith Montminy  •Kris Moore  •Liz Nealon  •Louise Pedno  •Thomas Pickarski  •Lauren Piperno  •Lisa Redburn  •David Reinfeld  •Russ Rowland  •Rebekah Schmitz  •Amy Shapiro  •Stephanie Taiber  •David Whitney  •Caren Winnall  •Cate Wnek

Juror’s Statement

It is my opinion that the photographs of the 5thJuried Exhibition at the Davis Orton Gallery are just perfect for this summer of 2019. There’s even a thrum as background if you leave yourself open to it. One might say this energy as an ensemble is a call to action. I tend to think it’s the rhythm of living just like the hum of a hive. The images assemble, arm in arm. Some just wait and watch like the appaloosa with her eye on the road. Other photographs glow, spin, swim and speed. Even the spoons are marching. In this crop of submissions, I sensed artists’ heightened awareness of their surroundings. It is summer after all. But in the submissions, I also sensed a broad swath of emotions from joy to anxiety as well as heartache.

Over the course of time generations have looked to the natural world for answers. The activity of squirrels is said to foretell the depth of winter. The thickness of corn husks and onion skins are other indicators of how tough a winter lies ahead. In my world, photographers are the beacons. And here in this Hudson gallery they’ve gathered at the ready.

My continued thank you to Karen and Mark for again giving me the opportunity to learn more about our photography community. And thank you to all who submitted to this call for entry. The experience of this sharing is more than I can describe in words. You’ve all been very generous this round indeed.

Paula Tognarelli
Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography