November 20 to December 19, 2021

Two Exhibitions:
12th Annual Photobook Show
4th Annual Books & Readers
Group Photo Show

Davis Orton Gallery
12th Annual Self-Published Photobook Show
Juried by Paula Tognarelli, Griffin Museum of Photography
and Karen Davis, Davis Orton Gallery.

For covers, two-page spreads and information about each photobook in this exhibition

The 43 photobooks selected by Jurors Paula Tognarelli and Karen Davis will be displayed in gallery and display shelves. November 20 to December 4 Part 1: 22 books in gallery; December 5 to December 19: Part 2: 21 books in gallery. Each time, the remaining books will be presented on display shelves

Part 1: Nov 20 to Dec 4

Debra Achen • Stephen Albair • Stan Banos   • Gary Beeber   • Bruce Berkow   • Mike Callaghan   • Nicholas Costopoulos   • Maureen Drennan   • Melissa Eder   • Mark Farber   • Jake Foster   • Samantha Goss   • Joe Greene   • Anita Harris   • Timothy Hearsum   • Samantha Herbert   • Judi Iranyi   • Doug Johnson   • Kevin B Jones   • Kate& Geir Jordahl   • Matthew Kamholtz   • Stella Kramer 

Part 2: Dec 5 to Dec 19

Philip Malkin • Andy Mattern • Forest McMullin   • Meryl Meisler   • Linda Morrow   • Laila Nahar   • Fern Nesson   • Donna Oglesby   • Robert Pacheco   • Robert Palumbo   • Betty Press   • Keron Psillas   • Renato Rampolla   • Joanne Ross   • Patricia Scialo   • Ron Snider   • Benjamin Tankersley   • Sal Taylor Kydd   • Julia Vandenoever   • Thomas Whitworth   • Sharon Wickham

Davis Orton Gallery and Griffin Museum of Photography

2022: Exhibition Travels
Griffin Museum of Photography,
Winchester, MA.

Exhibition: JANUARY 6 – FEBRUARY 27

 4th Annual
Books & Readers Group Show
featuring multiple images by each artist

November 20 to December 19

Robin Boger   • Jenny Carey   • Ellen Feldman   • Ingrid Lundquist   • Henry Neimark   • Wayne Palmer   • Jaye Phillips

About the Artists and their work
Robin Boger

Reading with Abuela by Robin Boger

Artist Statement
Access to information has been used throughout history as a means of social control, but the relatively recent democratization of literacy has been critical to modernization and economic development. There is comfort in sharing space and time with those who also love to read. In Cuba and Japan, the ritual of reading often begins early and continues throughout life. While reading is usually a solitary activity, it can also inform and energize groups. The “marketplace of ideas” becomes a marketplace “for” ideas in the used book district of Jimbocho, Tokyo – where my presence as a tourist with cameras went unnoticed by those searching for more to read.

Artist Bio
Before 2020, Robin Boger’s photography was guided by her search for visual markers that reflect how societal and cultural elements shape human behavior. In her travels, she looks for evidence of how differences in the natural environment and material culture impact activities of individuals and groups. Despite finding such differences, however, she has also identified many similarities in how societies around the world have created solutions to common problems. Her images from Cuba and Africa have been shown at galleries in the greater Boston area, including the Chandler Gallery in Cambridge and J.P. Licks in Jamaica Plain.

Jenny Carey

In the Fold by Jenny Carey

Artist Statement
I am a collector of few things: rocks from my travels, books, and art. Those treasured objects in my home are often displayed on bookcases. One can find them Interspersed among books with well-known titles that date back decades. So, on a special day or holiday, some remnant of the day will likely find its way onto the shelves. Books housed on those shelves are often well-worn, read in one day in a backyard pool, the side of a mountain, or on a far-away beach.

The immersion I experience in those books, or treasured remnants of special moments, is kindred to my own immersion in photography. These images represent that immersion.,

Artist Bio
Jenny Carey is a photographic artist residing in Florida. Her work explores the themes of memory, loss, and sense of place. Ordinary subjects and intimate environments are used to evoke memories, document the intangible, and narrate unseen beauty.

She began her practice as a photojournalist and that perspective is evident in her work. Her images have been exhibited nationally, most recently at The Tampa International Airport Gallery (Florida), Manifest Gallery (Ohio), and Davis Orton (New York). Her photographic works are included in numerous private collections.

The natural environment is often the subject matter in her images, but frequent travels have opened narratives with urban elements. She is the founder of Creatives Exchange, a collective of professional women artists in Tampa, Florida where she maintains a studio practice.

Ellen Feldman

Serious Reading, Light Moment, Paris by Ellen Feldman

Artist Statement 
Reading novels was my first love. Before I knew about movies or classical music I would curl up with a book by William Saroyan, Johanna Spyri, or Louisa May Alcott. I was transported to another world. As a long-time street photographer, who better to capture than people who are engrossed in their private worlds, book in hand?

Artist Bio 
Ellen Feldman is a long-time street photographer, photo-artist, curator, and book maker; her work has appeared in many solo and group exhibits. Her latest book is “We Who March: Photographs and Reflections on the Women’s March, January 21, 2017.” Feldman is Photography Editor of Women’s Review of Books and holds a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from NYU.

Ingrid Lundquist

Any Religion is Better Than No Religion, Bookstore in Carlsbad, CA by Ingrid Lundquist

Artist Statement
My art education was abandoned for a career as an event designer/producer. During those 40 years, I keenly observed my surroundings and developed an obsession with nuance. In 2011, I joined a graduate school classmate who was teaching a photography class in Italy. Five weeks in Florence, with my first real camera, very quickly revealed my new artistic voice as a “Street Photographer.”

The images I frame are stumbled upon, sometimes with objects appearing in precise arrangements as if waiting to be noticed. If the subject is posing, it’s for another lens, unaware of my presence. Shapes and colors and their relationship are a fascination for me. My compositions are simple, with a photojournalistic attitude as if revealing a snippet of information and begging the viewer to finish the story. To me, the perfect artistic expression is a compelling story told through an unusual but exacting photograph.

Artist Bio
Ingrid Lundquist is a creative spirit. She graduated from California State University Sacramento with a B.A. in Art, a B.A. in English, and a Master’s Degree in Art, and went on to build a career as a Certified Special Events Professional. Ingrid is the founder of The Book-in-Hand Roadshow which stages presentations and workshops on topics of interest to writers.

She is the author of five business books, a photo story book, and Touching Venus (2022), a collection of enticing and inspiring slice-of-life short stories. Ingrid teaches event classes at her alma mater as well as writing and self-publishing classes at Sierra College and at art facilities. Her class ‘Let pictures drive the words’ combines her love of both photography and writing. Since embracing street photography in 2011, her images have been in more than 70 juried shows across the U.S. and abroad.

Henry Neimark

Untitled by Henry Neimark

Artist Statement
I’m always amazed at the thought of what is going on behind the eyes, the blizzard of activity, of neurons firing, of chemical/electrical impulses occurring, of the life and action going on inside a person’s brain while reading; the almost trance-like immobility belying the activity inside.,

Artist Bio
Until recently, Henry Neimark was a person who took photographs. Now, after so many years and so many snaps of the shutter, he looks at his work and realizes that he is a Photographer.

Wayne Palmer

After Reading by Wayne Palmer

Artist Statement
My work explores the intersection between the urban environment and the human experience. I am intrigued by found objects in natural light, and am drawn to people in their unguarded moments on the street. I’m sensitive to scenes of casual poetry when, for an instant, the image offers resonance greater than the sum of its parts. The resonate experience is deeply satisfying, and is the core reason why I continue to take my cameras out onto the New York streets every day.,

Artist Bio
For Wayne Palmer street photography and television news have been parallel paths of life in New York. At WNET (PBS) Wayne directed national news and public affairs programs such as The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, Bill Moyers’ Journal and countless others. At the same time he photographed the streets and people of New York with black and white film and digital color, which he continues today.
Waynes’ photographs have been exhibited and honored around the world, including Miami Street Photography Festival/Art Basel, Davis Orton Gallery, PH21 Gallery Budapest Hungary, Los Angeles Center of Photography, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fine Art Photography Awards London, International Color Awards, Black and White Spider Awards; published in Black & White Magazine Feb. 2021, Bokeh Bokeh Feb. 2021, Photo Review International Competition 2020. Neutral Density Magazine and acquired by the Museum of the City of New York.

Jaye Phillips

Artist Statement
Books are my recurrent theme, vessel, tool, and inspiration. My Choreography Notebook is part of my ongoing collage series which arose from my photography of books….books as vessels containing traces, messages, shards, dreams, openings, awakenings, and voices.
The medium of collage for me gathers fragments of light and time and allows moving forward and backward in time and space. In terms of light as an element, I also see books as reflectors and absorbers of the visual.
I am drawn to the writer John Berger and his grounding words from
Keeping a Rendezvous:
When we read a story, we inhabit it. The covers of the book are like a roof and four walls. What is to happen next will take place within the four walls of the story….the story’s voice makes everything its own.,

Artist Bio
Jaye Phillips is fine art and performance photographer living and working in Arlington, Massachusetts. Her photographs have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions including: Harvard University, Addison Gallery of American Art, Museum of Contemporary Art/Chicago, and DeCordova Art Museum. Her most recent group show was in Half the Sky: Intersections in Social Practice Art at LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang, China.
Her work is included in the Polaroid International Collection and Harvard Theatre Arts Collection. She has photographed professionally for dance companies including Boston Ballet, Streb/SLAM, Eiko and Koma, and Institute of Contemporary Art/Art and Dance series.
Her work has appeared in the New York Times Book Review, Art Forum, WGBH-TV La Plaza series, Time is not Even, Space is not Empty, Walker Art Center, publisher and Zapotec Weavers of Teotitlan, Museum of New Mexico Press. She studied photography with Minor White at MIT, and studio arts at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston.