Memory and Dreams

Through August 28, 2022
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Carla Shapiro
Karen Davis
Kay Kenny
Ruth Wetzel

Portfolio Showcase Photographers
(selected through international competition)
Annette LeMay Burke & Ann Prochilo

Carla Shapiro
There Is No Place Like Home

from “There Is No Place Like Home” by Carla Shapiro

Karen Davis
Selections From a Visual Memoir

Close as Children from “The McCann Family” by Karen Davis

Kay Kenny
The Stone Goddesses Series

Goddess 5 from “The Stone Goddesses Series”, pigment print by Kay Kenny

Ruth Wetzel
Pool Noir

Final Float, pigment print by Ruth Wetzel


Portfolio Showcase Theme: Memory and Dreams
Two portfolios selected through our International Call for Portfolios 

Annette LeMay Burke
Memory Building

Rumpus Room from Memory Building by Annette LeMay Burke

Ann Prochilo
Leaving Home

Draped by Ann Prochilo

About the Artists and Their Work

Carla Shapiro, There Is No Place Like Home

From “There Is No Place Like Home” by Carla Shapiro

from “There Is No Place Like Home” by Carla Shapiro

When Carla Shapiro’s mother died alone during COVID she sought comfort in remembering her childhood home and knowing that it was so much more than a physical entity. It was a sanctuary, a place of dreams and possibilities.

Her home nurtured and protected her family. It was filled with laughter, love, and joy. There was also anger. It was the reflection of the best and worst of life—the love she felt and the fights they had. It was made by the aromas from her mother’s cooking and the scuffs on the dining room floor from twirls of glee.

Inspired by memories of her mother and home, Shapiro uses images of Hudson Valley houses and family snapshots, glowing from the light she captures before sunrise, to create this homage.  

Carla Shapiro is a photographer and educator based in upstate New York. Her photographic projects explore loss and longing, memory and nostalgia, womanhood, aging, and the human condition.

Carla has received numerous awards including two photography fellowships from The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), a Golden Light Award from The Maine Photographic Workshops and a Pratt Development Fund to travel to Madagascar to photograph the Baobab trees. She has had multiple residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo and The Ucross Foundation and has exhibited her work in solo and group shows across the country.

Carla is a Professor in the Graduate Department at Pratt Institute and at Pace University. She received a BFA from Syracuse University, then attended ICP and began her career as an artist.

Karen Davis, Selections From a Visual Memoir

Excerpt from “Self Portrait at Fifty-Eight,” Accordion Book, 32″ x 12″ x 2.5″, edition of 1

Mother Dreams by Karen Davis

Much of the work photo-based artist Karen Davis, Hudson NY, creates is related to her ongoing project, a visual memoir.  For this exhibition, she has selected images from two series within the memoir that relate to her exploration of family, self, memories and dreams.

In “The McCann Family,” she uses her sister’s set of four-inch plastic dolls the way her sister did—as stand-ins for her family. Davis shares memories of childhood that she discovered she could best express through these toy dioramas.  Davis’s memories of summers at Nantasket Beach are among the happiest of childhood – even as flashes of less joyful moments pop up now and then. Her one-of-a-kind artist book memoir, “Beach Snapshots and Memories,” honors those days from age five to fourteen. From “Self-Portrait at Fifty-Eight,” she reveals, through fantasy diptychs and collage, in an oversized accordion book, the realm of dream as she faced getting older.


Karen Davis’s work is featured at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and in the collections of Center for Photography at Woodstock; Lishui Museum of Photography (China); Houghton Rare Books Library, Harvard University and corporate and private collections. The second edition of her word and image book, Still Stepping: A Family Portrait, was published in 2022. Davis, of Hudson NY, is a Critical Mass 2018 finalist and recipient of the 2009 Artists Fellowship Award-CPW. Her photographs and artist books have appeared in numerous solo, featured and group exhibits throughout the country.

Karen is curator/co-founder of Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson NY, which exhibits photography, mixed media and photobooks. She has taught portfolio development at Radcliffe Seminars, Harvard University, Lesley University and the Griffin Museum of Photography and other photo-based and word and image art courses at the Art Institute of Boston, Tufts University’s X-College and Suffolk University.

Kay Kenny, The Stone Goddess Series

The Stone Goddess 15 by Kay Kenny

From The Stone Goddesses Series, Hippothoe, pigment print by Kay Kenny

In these years of troubled times, Kay Kenny thinks about the ancient Greeks and Romans—their culture and the fragility of democracy. She photographs the Greek & Roman statues in her images in the Metropolitan Museum’s sculpture courts and places them in photographs she has taken in various locations in the USA. For her, the goddesses are avatars from the past, silently watching our descent and the earth’s climate made vulnerable to our whims.

Kay Kenny, whose studio is in Saugerties NY
 is a photographer, painter and writer of art criticism and articles on the visual arts.

Recent solo exhibitions include Casa Columbo Museum, Jersey City, NJ; Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA; Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ. Her work has appeared in solo and featured shows including in Medellin, Columbia, Taipei,Taiwan, Lubbock, TX and New York City.  Kay’s photographs are in notable corporate, museum, and private collections.

Among her awards are the 2021 Soho Photo Alternative Photography Award; 2016 NJSCA Artist Fellowship for Works on Paper; 2015 Arthur Griffin Legacy Award; Griffin Museum. She is a three-time recipient of NJSCA fellowship awards. Recent publications about her work include Photography’s Antiquarian Avant-Garde, by Lyle Rexer; Light & Lens,Photography in the Digital Age, & Photographic Possibilities by Robert Hirsch and Focal Press.

A photography teacher for over twenty-five years, Kay received a BFA from Syracuse University, MA from Rutgers University, and MFA from Syracuse University.

Ruth Wetzel, Pool Noir

Forward Flip by Ruth Wetzel

Pool Group 5 by Ruth Wetzel

Pool Noir examines human vulnerabilities. In 2022, most people feel closer to vulnerabilities of illness, isolation, and duress. However, simple joys also have made a comeback. Humans love being in water.  The experience walks a fine line of danger and delight, scintillation, and sensuality, especially at night.

Wetzel’s photographs do not identify the subjects directly, making the figures/feelings more universal. They present an “everyman” feeling his body in water, surrounded by the scale of the darkness.

Ruth Wetzel of Upstate New York brings to her viewers an intimate, at times mysterious, look at waterscapes. Her work has been shown and collected nationally and internationally. Recent solo shows include Davis-Orton Gallery in Hudson, NY and The Arsenal Gallery at Central Park. Group shows in 2019 include Millepiani Exhibition Space, Rome, Italy, and Foley Gallery, NY, NY.  Ruth has received fellowships from Baer Art Center, Iceland; Virginia Center for Creative Arts; Women’s Studio Workshop and New York State Council on the Arts.

Ruth holds an M.F.A. from Maryland Institute, College of Art, and a B.S. in Design from Buffalo State College.

Portfolio Showcase:  Memory and Dreams
Selected through our International Call for Portfolios

Annette LeMay Burke, Memory Building

Chuck’s Corvette by Anne LeMay Burke

In response to her parents’ deaths, Anne LeMay Burke created this series, Memory Building. Sheprojected her parents’ vernacular family photographs onto the surfaces of her childhood home, in the same locations that they were originally made, and rephotographed the scene. By fusing photos from the past onto the present-day walls, she unearthed six decades of engrained memories and captured her family’s vanishing presence that once permeated their mid-century suburban home—the container for so much of her personal history.

Constructing these tableaus made the memories more substantive for Burke, providing solace for her grieving and creating a new family pictorial legacy for future generations. With so many formative experiences rooted and intertwined within this building, saying goodbye to it was also saying goodbye to her parents. Even as the rooms were literally whitewashed in preparation for new owners, her memories continued to resonate within the walls.

Annette LeMay Burke is a photographic artist and Northern California native who lives in the heart of Silicon Valley. A longtime observer of the evolution of the western landscape, Burke is interested in how our environment changes over time and the artifacts—both tangible and temporal—that are left behind.

Burke’s monograph, Fauxliage: Disguised Cell Phone Towers of the American West, was published by Daylight Books in 2021. Also in 2021, Burke was awarded first place in the Lenscratch Vernacular Photography Exhibition, won the Imago Lisboa Photography Festival in Portugal, and was a semi-finalist for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery Outwin Boochever Competition. She was a finalist for Critical Mass in 2017.

Ann Prochilo, Leaving Home

Father, Daughter by Ann Prochilo

“Leaving Home” is about belonging, an empty house and the indelible watermark of family. Prochilo’s mother’s favorite adage was, “This too shall pass”. Rather than a reminder of impermanence and the wisdom of the long-view, she took it as a clarion call to preserve the temporal. The middle-child of six, she haunted rooms where being alone had never before been possible. She clung to the light and space, the unrevealed stories of generations. The urge to grasp the ephemeral in the face of dissolution was fraught with guilt and reverence. Prochilo says, “We carry on — a testament to love, loss and the refuge of home.”

Ann Prochilo (American) is a photographic artist based in Malta and San Francisco. Her narrative-driven photographs explore belonging, memory and change. Born into a large family in Long Island, New York, Prochilo is the chronological middle-child of six. Her vision and voice are shaped by a boisterous hierarchy of birth order and gender, musical theater and public service.

Prochilo received a BA from Indiana University where she pursued dual interests in fine arts and medicine. She has had a wide-ranging career as midwife, AIDS activist and founder of an advocacy relations agency. After 15 years facilitating productive relationships between patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies, she has returned to a full-time arts practice; Prochilo exhibits nationally and internationally.


Portfolio Showcase 4, Montage/Collage

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