Abstract Expressions
from Minimal to Complex

Debra Bilow photography

Maureen McNeil fiber art

 Portfolio Showcase 
John Fraser and Nicholas Luchenbill

Exhibition Dates:  May 11 to June 9, 2019

Reception for Artists: Saturday, May 11, 5-7 pm

Debra Bilow, Paper Studies, Material Studies

Paper Studies, Material Studies by Debra Bilow. photographs in studies 6"x6" ea

Studies Series: Paper Studies (l), Material Studies (r) by Debra Bilow. photographs in studies 6″x6″ ea

Maureen McNeil, Fiber Art – Wall Hangings

Hudson River Series, Kaaterskill by Maureen McNeil, 60"x40", pieced fabric wall hanging

Hudson River Series, Kaaterskill by Maureen McNeil, 60″x40″, pieced fabric wall hanging

Portfolio Showcase

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries,
the gallery will also feature two portfolios

John Fraser, Material Witness

Grey Composition White Square by John Fraser, 17x22", pigment print

Grey Composition White Square by John Fraser, 17×22″, pigment print

Nicholas Luchenbill, Iraq Revisited

Day 442 by Nicholas Luchenbill, 16×20″, pigment print

About the Artists

Debra Bilow, Paper Studies, Material Studies

Debra Bilow, Paper Study, Untitled No. 5, 2016, 6x6" edition of 8

Debra Bilow, Paper Study, Untitled No. 5, 2016, 6×6″ edition of 8

Landscapes and still life compositions have constituted Debra Bilow’s recent work. Both genres are grounded in formality and restraint and exhibit her minimalist leanings.

The images presented in this show are from three of Bilow’s still life series.  The Material Study series, in stark black and white, is a study of manipulated forms of common household goods. The other two series, in a barely-there color scheme, focus exclusively on the shapes of different types of paper.  While the Material Study and Paper Studies are opposites in tonality and presence, the commonality is the use of simple materials coaxed into sculptural objects.

Bio: Debra Bilow’s photographs have been exhibited across the east coast of the US including group shows at University Art Museum, Albany, Sidney Mishkin Gallery, NY and The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls.  Her images have been published in The Photo Review and the Light Journal and acquired by private collectors. She will be the featured artist in a solo show at the Katonah Museums Artists Association, Spot Gallery in May.

Debra grew up at the edge of rural life in Upstate New York.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from Rutgers University and subsequently pursued a career in real estate.  She lives and works in Brooklyn and South Salem, New York.

Maureen McNeil, Fabric Constructions – Wall Hangings

Maureen McNeil, CloverReach 7, 49x54", sewn fabrics, metallics, plastics

Maureen McNeil, CloverReach 7, 49×54″, sewn fabrics, metallics, plastics

Fabric artist Maureen McNeil creates hand-sewn, often large tapestry-like art, layering opaque and transparent materials of various textures to tell abstract visual stories. Through her unique fabric constructions, McNeil works the dance between light, substance, the eye and the brain. While she has made fabric art since early childhood, for the past fifteen years, she has been adding to the depth as well as the expanse of her constructions.

By cutting, pinning, marking, layering and hand-sewing fabrics, metallics, plastics and other sources of color, pattern and texture, her visual stories capture the fleeting sensory experiences kindled by light infusing the material world. Complicated by historical, economic and gender-political views, her constructions live both within and outside conventions of an art and craft that go back millennia.

McNeil’s inspirations often coalesce into series, such as the Hudson River wending its way, an exploration of torsos, deep space and inner portraiture. Her prompts can be surprising.  Sunlight reflecting off skyscraper windows onto her downtown apartment walls connects her to the emotions, timelessness, and perceptual fascinations of childhood.  Long lost religious experiences of Latin chants, stained glass, marble folds, golden vestments and black habits somehow found expression in stitching, lines crisscrossing broad sweeps, small white dots penetrating saturated colors and undulating darkness. All of this as her constructions move toward abstraction.

Bio:  Maureen McNeil is an artist, writer and nonprofit consultant. She first exhibited her fabric constructions in a San Francisco arts fair in 1982. In 2011, Maureen exhibited her Torso Series at the Seattle Sunny Arms. Today, her art is in private collections in New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, and Washington.

Her latest book is Dear Red, the Lost Diary of Marilyn Monroe. 

Originally from Seattle, she currently lives in New York City and makes art at her studio in Claverack, New York. She teaches a popular course in Creative Writing at the Hudson Area Library.

Portfolio Showcase

John Fraser, Material Witness

Composition Orange Red II by John Fraser, 17×22″, pigment print

John Fraser is an artist who works within a number of disciplines. His lens-based work is discrete and addresses the world in the most direct way.  Fraser’s photographs stem from a minimalist aesthetic. He is in pursuit of subjects that have a timeless clarity and order.

With an economy of means, he produces photographs that possess a formal rigor while being suggestive. They are simultaneously factual records and abstract construction. The reductive compositions he finds in the built world are equally concerned with the problems of photographic vision, and the perception of concrete reality.

Bio  John Fraser works within the disciplines of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Photography. He is currently represented by galleries in Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, Fort Worth, TX, Munich, Germany, Berkeley, CA, and San Diego, CA. His work in all media is held in public collections throughout the United States, Europe and Canada, and in private collections in  the US, Europe, Brazil and Japan. It has been featured in one-person and group exhibitions throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe and Japan.

Fraser has been awarded fellowships and grants from Arts Midwest / National Endowment for the Arts, and The Illinois Arts Council. He has been an Artist in Residence at YADDO in Saratoga Springs, NY, at Illinois State University, twice at The Robert M. MacNamara Foundation in Westport Island, Maine, at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, and at the Hafnarfjordur Center of Culture and Fine Art, near Reykjavik, Iceland.

Nicholas Luchenbill, Iraq Re-Visited

Day 145 by Nicholas Luchenbill, pigment print, 16×20″

Nicholas Luchenbill examines aspects of anxiety and memory. The images he constructs are based upon his perceptions of what happens when traumatic memories are created and stored in the brain. In his experience, memories are consolidated, stacked and stored on top of one another which results in lost and fragmented information and formatted in a skewed sense of time. In this series, he use images from his first deployment to Iraq, that are autobiographical, complicating them through strategies of overlapping, interruption and fragmentation to reflect the sense of anxiety that is the by-product of being placed in a war zone.

Bio  Nicholas Luchenbill is a Texas-based photographer and visual artist. After high school Nicholas joined the United States Army where he served ten years active duty, with three combat tours in Iraq. Nicholas uses his photographic practice to understand his own wounds from war trauma, and also to speak to other Veterans that are suffering from PTSD, with a primary focus on the mental health issues surrounding the Veteran Community.