Michal Greenboim – Orchard Trail

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19”- open edition $350
14”-open edition $250
Book: $75      

About Orchard Trail
In “Orchard Trail” Michal Greenboim creates photographic diptychs. These photographs were taken as individual images over the years, as daily responses to the world around her, as in a visual journal, and later paired. In examining the photographs she realized that she “had subconsciously been photographing [her] childhood.” She says, “The pictures in front of me held deep memories of curiosity, innocence and wonder. They were my remembrances, wandering in the backyard, exploring moments like the sound of a tree [or] a bird in the sky.”

She grew up in a small town in Israel called Pardes Chana that means Hana Orchard. She says of her childhood “the town was full of orange, avocado and mango orchards. I remember neighbors stopping by with mangos and [we] giving our avocados in exchange. Kids would walk by themselves to the next-door-neighbors for story time or a piano lesson. I remember going with my father to pick oranges from our orchard. When I look at my photographs …, I am reminded of who I truly am.”
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Toolbox - Purple Jellyfish by Michal Greenboim

Toolbox – Purple Jellyfish

Floating - Giving by Michal Greenboim

Floating – Giving

Drop - Suspended by Michal Greenboim

Drop – Suspended

Water Leaf - Couple by Michal Greenboim

Water Leaf – Couple

Baby Lips - Shell by Michal Greenboim

Baby Lips – Shell

Thread - Water Tread by Michal Greenboim

Thread – Water Tread

Parking - Piano by Michal Greenboim

Parking – Piano

Sun Drops - Rain Drops by Michal Greenboim

Sun Drops – Rain Drops

Dots - Hearts by Michal Greenboim

Dots – Hearts

Adi's Pajamas - Sukkot by Michal Greenboim

Adi’s Pajamas – Sukkot

Festive Lights - Old Leaf

Festive Lights – Old Leaf

Sun - Rain by Michal Greenboim

Sun – Rain

Open Book - Butterfly by Michal Greenboim

Open Book – Butterfly

Morning Coffee - Veranda by Michal Greenboim

Morning Coffee – Veranda

Jerusalem Snow - Pillow by Michal Greenboim

Jerusalem Snow – Pillow

Light Circles - Hair by Michal Greenboim

Light Circles – Hair

Hello - Leaf by Michal Greenboim

Hello – Leaf

Shadow - Glowing Leaf by Michal Greenboim

Shadow – Glowing Leaf

Orchard Trail Book by Michal Greenboim

Orchard Trail Book


Bio:  Michal Greenboim developed an early interest in photography after watching her grandfather, who always had a camera present to capture family moments. Following a career as an interior designer and computer engineer, she later moved into photography, publishing her first photography book “Orchard Trail,” a narrative of childhood stories and memories, in 2016.Greenboim has exhibited her work in shows across the United States, including a recent solo exhibition of “Orchard Trail” The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA. She has also shown her work at the Art of Photography Show in San Diego and at the Los Angeles Center for Photography in California, Photo Place in Vermont, Tilt Gallery in Arizona , Dickerman Gallery in San-Francisco, Orton Davis in Hudson, NY and Fabric project in Los Angeles . Her photograph “Rear Blues” won third place in the “World in Place” competition in the “Sense of Place” category, PDN Magazine, December 2016. In 2017, Greenboim was awarded an exhibition at the Griffin Museum from the Los Angeles Center of Photography.  Greenboim now lives in La Jolla, California and started her MFA studies in June 2017.