Great Reception for Photobooks Last Night

Thanks to all for making our 6th annual photobook exhibition so memorable.  The books are amazing  and we’re so glad so many of the artists were able to make it including Andi Schreiber, Anna Leigh Clem, Nick Pedersen, Mara Catalan, Gilbert Rios, David Morse, Liza Macrae and Michael Hunold.

If the crowd was too daunting … this exhibition is up through December 20. It’s a not-to-be-missed show of photobooks for your collection or giving as gifts. The 20 exhibited in Hudson, along with 14 additional photobooks will also be shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography in January.

RECEPTION photobook 2015 Davis Orton GalleryRECEPTION photobook 2015 Davis Orton Gallery
RECEPTION photobook 2015 Davis Orton GalleryRECEPTION photobook 2015 Davis Orton Gallery


Constructed Image – Call for Entries

Portfolio Showcase
The Constructed Image

Photo Collage, Photo Montage,
In-Camera/In-Scanner Assemblages

deadline: August 5, 2015

Portfolio Showcase: In each of five shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.  The theme  is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Submit 7 to 12 images. 

Artists Announced for Plural “I” Group Exhibition

Plural I, Group Show, Davis Orton Gallery

Congratulations to the following 16 artists selected for inclusion in THE PLURAL ‘I’, a show that explores diverse visions about queerness through 30 photo-based works & 2  videos. Juried by Nandita Raman and Karen Davis and curated by Nandita Raman. Upcoming: August 1 to 30.

Natalie Kirk, Holly  Lay, Ashlie DaCosta, Linda Troeller, Laurie Blakeslee, Chris Malaga, Preston Gangway, Lucas Andahl, Julian Gray, Gary Beeber, Anna Brody, Phaedra Call, Ellen Feldman, Eva Weiss, Patricia Silva (video), David Lykes Keenan (video)

Thomas Holton – The Lams of Ludlow Street

Through June 21, Thomas Holton’s incredible series – intimate, touching portraits of the Lams. The photographs in this exhibition span a decade in the lives of the family.

Family Portrait, 2005, Thomas Holton

Family Portrait, 2005, Thomas Holton

Leftovers, 2011, Thomas Holton

Leftovers, 2011, Thomas Holton

Waiting for Dinner, 2011, Thomas Holton

Waiting for Dinner, 2011, Thomas Holton

Shirley and Franklin go to school 2, 2014 by Thomas Holton

Shirley and Franklin go to school 2, 2014 by Thomas Holton

Congratulations to Fence 2015 Photographers

Fence2015Boston By Marjorie NicholsSeveral photographers we’ve had the pleasure of exhibiting have been selected for exhibition on FENCE 2015.  The first Fence is up on on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in Boston.  Others will follow at Brooklyn Bridge Park and in Atlanta and Houston. Each photograph is 2 1/2 feet by 5 feet! Stroll along and see them all. Congratulations to Fran Forman (2012 and editions), Mark Lyon (at gallery through May 10), Mary Beth Meehan (upcoming, May 16), Marjorie Nichols (editions), Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman (Photobook 2014) and Dianne Yudelson (2013 and editions)

Thanks to Marjorie Nichols for providing the panorama of the Fence on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.  She notes that there are fountains, a carousel, a maze, benches and green areas on either side of this view.


Sylvia Plachy’s “When Will it be Tomorrow” in Budapest

Jean Michel Basquiat by Sylvia PlachyJean Michel Basquiat by Sylvia Plachy

“Not since Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’ have I experienced a body of work of such range and power. She makes me laugh and she breaks my heart. She is moral. She is everything a photographer should be.”–Richard Avedon

Through April 19, 110 photographs representing a half century of Sylvia Plachy’s work are on view at Mai Mano House in Budapest. The images are arranged by “mood, visual connection and by a rhythm.”  This is one of the wonderful things about any presentation by Plachy.  She invites a new way of seeing photographs through a carefully crafted arrangement of images. Read two reviews of the show: NYT by Rena Silverman and The Eye of Photography by Elizateth Avedon (L’Oeil de la Photographie)

We had the honor and pleasure of exhibiting photographs by Sylvia at the Davis Orton Gallery in 2010.


Great Night with Kenny, Draskoczy, Michals and Lyon

Reception for Kay Kenny, Miska Draskoczy. portfolios by Robin Michals and Mark Lyon

The weather turned warm(er), the wind quieted and Davis Orton Gallery was filled to capacity. A great reception with exhibitors Kay Kenny and Miska Draskoczy, and portfolios by Robin Michals and Mark Lyon.  It was also the first gallery stroll BeLo3rd with 11 galleries participating.

Rose Marasco at Portland Museum of Art – Maine

Rose Marasco from Tender ButtonsRose Marasco from “Tender Buttons”

ROAD TRIP-Not to be missed!! Congratulations to Rose Marasco.  An exhibition of four decades of her work, “Rose Marasco: index” will open at the Portland Museum of Art, April 24 and run through December 6, 2015.  The opening reception is Friday, April 24, 6pm.

As Chief Curator Jessica May says:  “Rose Marasco is perhaps Maine’s most-prolific living photographer, having lived and photographed in Portland and its surrounding communities for more than 35 years. The photographs in Rose Marasco: index are stunning and display extraordinary range, encompassing everything from……….

We had the privilege of exhibiting work from Rose’s “Tender Buttons” series at Davis Orton Gallery in 2010.