Andi Schreiber featured in NYTimes Lens Blog

Summer's Idyll by Andi Schreiber

Congratulations to Andi Schreiber who exhibited work from her portfolio, “WonderLust,” at the Davis Orton Gallery in 2013.  She was the feature story, along with 17 of her photographs, in the New York Times Lens Blog, “Married with Camera” by James Estrin (March 21,2014).

Andi is also a featured artist on Davis Orton Editions, a new online shop (launching April 5) for small format, fine art photography by a curated list of artists.

Judith Henry Featured in Show at Visual Art Center of NJ

judith henry, girls girls girls 1Judith Henry has three large pieces in the show, “Women Choose Women Again” at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey in Summit.  The show, spanning three galleries of the Center, runs through April 13, 2014. Opening reception is Sunday, January 26 from1-4pm.

From The New Jersey Gannett Daily Record: [Henry] invents multimedia evocations using repurposed documentary materials that tease the tensions at play between public persona and inner character.”

“In a 2013 piece titled “Fargo High School (1935) Senior Girls,’’ from her “Girls, Girls, Girls’’ series, Henry drew 42 portraits of teenage girls from the titular yearbook and photographed herself wearing each as a mask. The gridded image elicits the quirky blend of pathos and humor so characteristic of her oeuvre.”

Judith exhibited work from her series, “Rebirth” and “Masquerade” at the Davis Orton Gallery in 2012.

Winter Walk in Hudson, Eggnog BeLo3rd, Photobooks Exhibition

santa& fireworks winter walk

Join us in Hudson tomorrow, December 7.  From 5-8 pm, Hudson Opera House’s 17th annual Winter Walk event on Warren St. from top to bottom. Visit Opera House site for  entire schedule (concluding with fireworks at 8pm).  

There will be sipping and balloting in BeLo3rd’s 4th annual Eggnog Competition at 9 locations Below 3rd St. on Warren to Front St..

Visit Davis Orton Gallery for great eggnog from Vico’s and  for a our PHOTOBOOK 2014 exhibition.  The books are varied and exceptional and make great holiday gifts.

above: Santa leaves Davis Orton Gallery for wish-granting duties BeLo3rd. Fireworks on Warren St

PHOTOBOOK 2013 Reception and DINE ART BeLo3rd

Photobook 2014 Reception at Davis Orton GalleryScenes from PHOTOBOOK 2013 reception. This is an exceptional international exhibition of 20 self-published photobooks with artists from the US, Spain, Portugal, Germany and England represented.  The books and prints exhibited (through Dec 22) are stellar. The weather was great – DINE ART was an added treat  (restaurant tastings at 7 galleries On Warren St. and Front St. below 3rd St) So nice to see exhibiting artists Erica Flood, Melissa Eder, Mireille Ribiere, Michael Hunold, Nikki Johnson, Dan McCormack, and Ellen Wallenstein.


Portfolio Showcase – Andi Schreiber and Shane Welch

photographs by Andi Schreiber and Shane WelchThe Davis Orton Gallery is pleased to announce that the portfolios of Andi Schreiber and Shane Welch have been selected for our upcoming show.  The theme of the exhibition centers on “family.” The exhibition dates which features the work of Carla Shapiro and Kate Sterlin is October 11 to November 10, 2013. Join us for the artists’ reception Saturday, October 12 from 6-8pm.


Congratulations to Andi and Shane.

Portfolio Showcase Call for Entries: Family Pictures

The Davis Orton Gallery announces a call for entries for Portfolio Showcase, deadline Sept 17.

Family Pictures
from snapshots to studio portraits to narratives to imagined scenarios.

Submit 7-12 jpgs.  Two artists will be selected.  Their portfolios will be displayed as prints and in a large hd monitor slide show.  All capture techniques, processes and approaches to image construction welcome.  more info

Portfolio Showcase – Stefan Petranek and Tony Bowen

We’re delighted to announce that the gallery will be exhibiting the portfolios of Stefan Petranek, the Genetic Portrait Project, and Tony Bowen, Scratch: Urban Palimpsests, September 6 to October 6, 2013 during the exhibition of photography and artist books by Charlee Brodsky and Ellen Feldman.  This call for portfolios was Word and Image – text within the frame including: found text, appropriated text, your text.”  The next Davis Orton Gallery portfolio showcase call for work is “Family Pictures”, deadline September 17.

Joe, Environmental Studies Student by Stefan PetranekJoe, Environmental Studies Student by Stefan Petranek

east-sussex-apology by tony bowenEast Sussex Apology by Tony Bowen

Portfolio Showcase: Pavel Romaniko & James Bellucci

We’re delighted to announce that the gallery will be exhibiting the portfolios of Pavel Romaniko, Nostalgia, and James Bellucci, Anecdotes, August 2 – September 1 during the exhibition of photography by Janet Sternburg and Barbara Kilpatrick.  This call for portfolios was “Staged – from theatrical to photographic fiction to store window mysteries.”  Both Romaniko and Bellucci, in very different ways, create sets that explore memory, history and belief systems.The next Davis Orton Gallery portfolio showcase call for work is Word and Image, deadline August 13.

Untitled, 2008 by Pavel RomanikoUntitled, 2008 by Pavel Romaniko

DO-Bellucci-PolyhedronETC600pxlPolyhedron of Creativity Carried Away By The Pest of Logic by James Bellucci

Karen Davis to Review Portfolios at FotoFest, Houston 2014

FotoFest Portfolio Reviews

Karen will be reviewing portfolios at FotoFest the third week, March 25 – March 28.  Last time there, in 2012, she saw much amazing work.  She discovered two of the artists exhibiting at Davis Orton Gallery this season, Benjamin Dimmitt and Tamara Staples, through the portfolio reviews. This is an amazing event for photographers. Besides the reviews and networking, there are forums, lectures and workshops and “Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Installations” will be installed in galleries throughout the city.  Registration for The 2014 International Meeting Place Portfolio Reviews - four four-day sessions of reviews just opened.