Last Day – Not to be Missed

A huge thanks to Ellen Thurston (Ellen’s Picks email and and George Tsalikis of Inky Editions

Ellen says: Run! Do not Walk! to see the beautiful exhibition at the Davis Orton Gallery which is closing tomorrow (Sunday). (The exhibition is closing—not the gallery.)

The Gallery, at 114 Warren Street, is open from 12 noon to 6 pm.
There are two solo exhibitions—Smith Eliot, photo-based works and assemblages: Fragments and Little Boxes. (Really remarkable!) Patricia Lay-Dorsey, photographs: Tea for Two – and–A Portfolio Showcase: Tiziana Rozzo and Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir

George says: I agree! One of the best shows I have seen lately; in our area or in NYC.
Collaged negatives and labor intensive techniques; unique objects. Loved
the show.

DavisOrton-SmithEliot-the book of hurt n healingSmithEliot, The Book of Hurt n Healing