Announcing Portfolio Showcase, Animals Real and Imagined: Yudelson and Nickelson

Snowy Egret by Dianne Yudelson Hope Elephants 1 by Jim NichelsonCongratulations to Diane Yudelson and Jim Nickelson.  Their portfolios, Antique Aviary (Yudelson) and Hope Elephants (Nickelson) will be shown at Davis Orton Gallery from June 28 to July 29 in exhibition with The Magnificent Chicken, Tamara Staples and Ink, Rebecca Doughty.  Left: (top) Snowy Egret by Dianne Yudelson, Hope Elephants 1 by Jim Nickelson.

Dianne’s work can also be seen this summer on The Fence at Photoville, Brooklyn and The Fence on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

The deadline for next Davis Orton Gallery Portfolio Showcase call for work is July 10.