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Meg Birnbaum online at Texas Photographic Society AND ….

Donna as Alexanderia the Great by Meg BirnbaumMeg Birnbaum’s portfolio, Person/Persona was selected for exhibition in Texas Photographic Society’s online gallery by juror Chris Bennett, Founder and Director of Newspace Center for Photography, Portland OR. (above: Donna as Alexanderia the Great – escape artist extraordinaire and wife, mother and health club manager.) And, Meg was recently interviewed in Talking Writing in Judith A. Ross’s article, Opening Herself to the World. “Meg Birnbaum takes us into both the lives of her subjects in her series Person/Persona as well as her selected subjects’ impact on her.” AND her photograph of Jim Cook as John Quincy Adams appeared in the Boston Globe January 28, 2011.
AND Meg will exhibit work from her portfolio Person/Persona at the Davis Orton Gallery, April 1 to May 8.