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Andrea Rosenthal to Exhibit at Griffin Museum

As part of the Griffin Museum of Photography’s 16th Juried Exhibition, two photographers have been chosen to showcase their work in a joint show in the Atelier Gallery. Andrea Rosenthal was chosen for her “Stations of the Scale,” a photographic memoir about her problem with overeating that uses text, family materials, and self-portraits to present a visual expression of her inner state.  Rosenthal says she was socialized at an early age about the importance of being thin, pretty, and nice. “From the time our pediatrician told my mother I was fat and prescribed a diet, I had a problem with distorted body image and secret eating,” she says. “My life became a long struggle with diet after diet, and I experienced supersized helpings of shame and frustration.” Using text and images of herself as a model, Rosenthal says, “I’ve tried to take an honest but ironic and humorous approach that makes visual what I feel and experience.

Rosenthal’s exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA runs from June 30 through August 29.  (Artist talk and reception 6:15 pm., July 1.) Rosenthal’s photobook, “Stations of the Scale,” can be purchased at the museum, from the artist, and in Hudson, NY at the Davis Orton Gallery and Davis Orton Gallery online.