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Howard Saunders’ “Axeman” Cometh

Axeman - who will be 70 in the year 2010 by Howard SaundersWe are pleased to announce that “Axeman Who Will be 70 in the Year 2010,” the faux graphic memoir by Howard Saunders: “Artist/Writer/Agent Provocateur” has arrived!!  Funded by 73 contributors through kickstarter, (we wonder if reaching his goal set a new kickstarter record), Axeman… has the scope of history along with diaristic intimacy.  Now available available through Davis Orton Gallery, the book is featured in the electronic, peer-reviewed, international journal of poetry, literature and culture, Reconfiguration Volume 4: Emergence.

urmonumental, a book by howard saunders Saunder’s “URmonumental,” is also available at the Davis Orton Gallery. Of “URmonumental,” John Haber writes, “The New Museum may have opened on the Bowery with “Unmonumental,” but its architecture looks more monumental every day. A year past its opening, the metallic surface that seemed to dissolve into sky looks flat and sleek. Sanaa’s stacked boxes that seemed so playfully haphazard—or ready for unwrapping this very day—now resemble a step pyramid. Who knows which dynasty of art will end up buried inside?

[Saunders] got the idea for his urtext on his return home from “Unmonumental” to Hudson, New York. A flea market there felt to him an improvement on the show’s assemblages, and he set out to photograph its “random arrangements.” Some of them indeed suggest Surrealism’s “chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella,” although not all the operations are exactly a success. His self-published booklet, I find, opens with a quote from me: “Biennials and recycling centers alike fill up quickly.” So, I guess, do blogs, and I am grateful for the compliment.” URmonumental is in the collection of CCS Bard Library and Archives.

Saunders will exhibit mixed media compositions based on “Axeman Who Will Be 70 in the Year 2010: at the Davis Orton Gallery from April 1 to May 8, 2010.