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Allison Leach’s “Misfit Explorers” on Cover of Chronogram Magazine

Allison Leach on cover of Chronogram Magazine and in exhibition at Davis Orton GalleryAllison Leach’s “Bi-Polar Explorer” from her series “Misfit Explorers” is on the July 2011 cover of Chronogram Magazine. (flipbook version) Allison’s portfolio is on view this month in Theaters and the Theatrical at the Davis Orton Gallery.

According to editor Brian K. Mahoney, “…. we were smitten with Allison Leach’s staged photographs of imagined imperialist nincompoops of yesteryear from the get-go…. The more we lived with Leach’s goofy adventurers—revealing the basic absurdity of colonialism through their collective fiction—the more we couldn’t live without them. … What says America better than a man waving a flag? Never you mind it’s the Union Jack.”

Theaters and the Theatrical with photographs by Stefanie Klavens, Nandita Raman, Michael Hunold and Allison Leach continues through July 31.

Meet Allison and the other artists at a Closing Reception and belo3rd Gallery Stroll on Saturday, July 30 from 5-8pm.