Sylvia Plachy’s “When Will it be Tomorrow” in Budapest

Jean Michel Basquiat by Sylvia PlachyJean Michel Basquiat by Sylvia Plachy

“Not since Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’ have I experienced a body of work of such range and power. She makes me laugh and she breaks my heart. She is moral. She is everything a photographer should be.”–Richard Avedon

Through April 19, 110 photographs representing a half century of Sylvia Plachy’s work are on view at Mai Mano House in Budapest. The images are arranged by “mood, visual connection and by a rhythm.”  This is one of the wonderful things about any presentation by Plachy.  She invites a new way of seeing photographs through a carefully crafted arrangement of images. Read two reviews of the show: NYT by Rena Silverman and The Eye of Photography by Elizateth Avedon (L’Oeil de la Photographie)

We had the honor and pleasure of exhibiting photographs by Sylvia at the Davis Orton Gallery in 2010.