Rose Marasco at Portland Museum of Art – Maine

Rose Marasco from Tender ButtonsRose Marasco from “Tender Buttons”

ROAD TRIP-Not to be missed!! Congratulations to Rose Marasco.  An exhibition of four decades of her work, “Rose Marasco: index” will open at the Portland Museum of Art, April 24 and run through December 6, 2015.  The opening reception is Friday, April 24, 6pm.

As Chief Curator Jessica May says:  “Rose Marasco is perhaps Maine’s most-prolific living photographer, having lived and photographed in Portland and its surrounding communities for more than 35 years. The photographs in Rose Marasco: index are stunning and display extraordinary range, encompassing everything from……….

We had the privilege of exhibiting work from Rose’s “Tender Buttons” series at Davis Orton Gallery in 2010.