Walter Crump’s Pinhole Photographs in NM Museum

Walter Crump-NAUTILUS MACHINEWalter Crump, whose portfolio of luminous still lifes can be seen at the Davis Orton Gallery through May 11,(left: Nautilus, pigment print – not pinhole) recently returned from the opening of a major new exhibition at the New Mexico History Museum at the Palace of Governors, in Santa Fe,  “Poetics of Light.”

The museum, which now houses The Pinhole Resource Archive,  the world’s largest collection of pinhole photographs (over 6000 images) books and cameras, is exhibiting 200 prints from the collection – and Crump is represented by five of them. The collection was a donation from Pinhole Resource Inc., which is based in New Mexico and led by Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer.

Walter Crump-dead twigs and bridge

( Dead Twigs and Bridge by Walter Crump,  2001, 20″ x 16.25″, in Pinhole Resource Collection.)