Raves for Tamara Staples’ book “The Magnificent Chicken”

staples blue cochin bantam pullet staplesbookcovermagnificent-chicken_normTamara Staples, who will exhibit at the Davis Orton Gallery June 28 to July 28, has been receiving rave reviews for her new book, published by Chronicle Books, “The Magnificent Chicken”. The book, which features an introduction by Ira Glass of This American Life, has received a number of glowing reviews. The LA Weekly, Slate, and the Wall Street Journal (you need a subscription for this one) are unanimous in their praise for the poultry and the photographer. Tamara was also a guest blogger for the Chronicle Books Blog where she shared the personal side of this project. ¬†Happily, all these sites feature lots of images and information about the book. (above:¬†Blue Cochin Bantam Pullet by Tamara Staples)