Stefanie Klavens at StoneCrop Gallery, upcoming 3 Person Show at PRC and NEO

Diamond Crest by Stefanie KlavensStefanie Klavens’ work can be seen through Sunday in a group exhibition at StoneCrop Gallery in Neddick, Maine – “Love, Hate and Everything in Between.

Klavens, who exhibited at the Davis Orton Gallery in 2011, will be exhibiting in a three person show, “The Space in Between” with Daniel Feldman and Lynne Saville at Boston’s Photographic Resource Center (PRC) November 15- January 19, 2013. The exhibition features artwork that focuses on societal built environments in urban settings.

Stefanie’s amazing interiors can be seen on PRC’s online exhibition space NEO:¬†Northeast Exposure.

left:  Diamond Crest by Stefanie Klavens