John Chervinsky at Ellen Miller Gallery, Light Work, Davis Orton Gallery and FotoFest, Houston

Hourglass, Painting, Door by John ChervinskyFor those in the Boston area, John Chervinsky has a one person show at Ellen Miller Gallery starting Tuesday, Sept 4. The reception is Saturday, Sept 15.

From October 5 to December 16 at FotoFest Headquarters in Houston: The Collectors Eye, a group show with works form the collection of Frazier King. The collector is Frazier King. 1113 Vine Street Houston, TX 77002

John will be in residence the month of October at Light Work in Syracuse. During that time he’ll be working on handmade, handprinted, slipcased books of his series, Experiment in Perspective.  Leslie K. Brown and others will contribute essays.  John exhibited photographs from that series at the Davis Orton Gallery in 2010.

AND, for those of you in New York City and Hudson River Valley region, he’ll be exhibiting work from his new series, Studio Physics, in a two person show with John Cyr at the Davis Orton Gallery from October 12 to November 11; Reception, October 20. (left,Hourglass, Painting Door from Studio Physics by John Chervinsky)