Mark Haven interviewed on WGXC’s BlindSpot by David La Spina

Southern Tier near Horseheads by Mark HavenBlindSpot Radio, hosted by David La Spina and David Bush, is an always interesting monthly program on photography from WGXC Community Radio, 90.7, Columbia and Greene Counties NY. Via the internet and MP3 downloads the  program and station have an unlimited audience. On May 22, Mark Haven was interviewed about his work, his past and his show, “The Commute” currently at the Davis Orton Gallery.

In the interview Mark talks about the photography scene in New York in the 70’s and beyond and what was a small community of photographers who, with no market, were motivated and encouraged by one another.

Click HERE for interview. (The first half hour of the program is filled with discussions of photography, film, Photoshop and more.  La Spina’s interview with Mark starts at about 30 minutes in.)