Fritz Liedtke’s “Astra Velum” photogravures at San Francisco’s Gallery 291

image from Astra Velum, photogravures by Fritz Liedtke“Beauty is only skin deep. But ah! me; freckles go to the bone.” Fritz Liedtke quotes Mark Twain to introduce us to his new work, Astra Velum, a series of amazing photogravures. Visit Liedtke’s website for a full explanation of both the subject and the process of production, photogravure.  Gallery 291, 291 Geary St. will present this work July 21 to September 1, 2011.  (If you’re in San Francisco, Geary Street, both 49 and 291 have a terrific photography galleries to explore.)

Fritz’s book “Skeleton in the Closet” was featured in PHOTOBOOK!!2010 at the Davis Orton Gallery.