Candela Books Announces new book by Shelby Lee Adams

Salt and Truth, by photographer Shelby Lee AdamsCandela Books announces its collaboration with photographer Shelby Lee Adams to publish his fourth book, Salt & Truth, due out September, 2011. It will be distributed by Distributed Arts Publishers. Adams has been working for over thirty years photographing the hollow dwellers of eastern Kentucky. Born in Hazard, Kentucky, Adams’ connection to the subjects in his photographs is evident in the way he has been welcomed into their homes and lives.  His environmental portraiture and personal perspective has brought his work international recognition. Last year, Adams was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Gordon Stettinius, photographer, artist and educator living in Richmond VA is the publisher of Candela Books.  His portfolio, The Mangini Studio Series, in collaboration with Terry Brown, is currently being exhibited at Davis Orton Gallery.