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    Theme 2020 Deadlines  
    Portfolio Showcase 1:

    River Towns, River Valley Landscapes any river town AND/OR any river valley landscape

    March 22

    Portfolio Showcase 2:
    Abstract expression – Found or Created
    April 26

    Portfolio Showcase 3:

    Alternative visions of the natural world

    May 31

    6th Annual Group Show Theme: Open
    Photo-based works and videos, Juror: Paula Tognarelli,
    Executive Director & Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography
    June 22 Click here for Annual Group Show

    Portfolio Showcase 4: 

    At the Movies – real or imagined: celebrity, imagined scenes (stills) or behind the scenes

    August 16

    Portfolio Showcase 5:

    Open Theme, Any Subject/Approach

     September 27


    3rd Annual Books and Readers: Group Show

    Selected photographs accompany Photobook Exhibition

    October 19

    Click here for Books and Readers

    11th Annual PHOTOBOOK Exhibition
    1 call, 2 exhibits: Davis Orton Gallery & Griffin Museum of Photography, Jurors: Paula Tognarelli, Karen Davis
    October 19