PHOTOBOOK!! Competition Winning Artists

Twenty PHOTOBOOK!! 2010 Winners including four Best of Show (BOS)

  • Cara Barer, The Book’s Story (BOS)
  • Moira Barrett, 100 Images
  • Ellie Brown, Two Girls: My Sisters 1996-2006
  • Karen Bucher, Interior Nature (BOS)
  • Emily Corbato, Absolution of the Wind
  • Lisa Dahl, Discarded Dreams (BOS)
  • Tomoko Daido, White Elephant
  • Matilde Damele, Soul Boxing
  • Janet Delaney, In the Kitchen
  • Tom Feher, In the Navel of the Moon
  • Deena-Mariam Feinberg, East End
  • A.E. Fournet, Summer Water
  • Peter Hoang, After Deep Silence
  • Nathan Larimer, Imprint
  • Fritz Liedtke  Skeleton in the Closet
  • Henrik Maimstrom On Borrowed Time
  • Isabelle Marcelli           Devenir Sujet
  • Karen Marshall, With a Rolleoflex The 1970’s
  • Jaye R. Phillips,  Currents (BOS)
  • Eva Koleva Timothy, Lost in Learning

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