PHOTOBOOK!! 2010 Competition Catalog

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Cara Barer, The Book's StoryCara Barer

Houston TX 

The Book’s Story (best of show)

12 x 12″  25 pages


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Moira Barrett, 100 ImagesMoira Barrett

Cambridge, MA

100 Images

9.5 x 8″  88 pages


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Ellie Brown photobook cover, Two SistersEllie Brown

Philadelphia PA

Two Girls: My Sisters 1996-2006

8″ x 10″, 76 pages

3 binding options: $30.95 to $47.95

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Karen Bucher, Interior NatureKaren Bucher

Las Cruces, NM

Interior Nature (best of show)


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Emily Corbato, Absolution of the WindEmily Corbato

Newton MA

Absolution of the Wind

7″ x 7″


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Lisa Dahl, Discarded DreamsLisa Dahl

New York NY

Discarded Dreams (best of show)


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Tomako Daido, White ElephantTomoko Daido

New York NY

White Elephant


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Soul Boxing, a photobook by Matilde DameleMatilde Damele

Brooklyn, NY

Soul Boxing

10 x 8″  88 pages

3 binding options: $37.95 to $51.95

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Janet Delaney, photobook cover, In the KitchenJanet Delaney

Berkeley, CA

In the Kitchen

10.5 x 10.5″  22 plates, 48 pages.

Limited ed of 20,
includes signed pigment print of cover image


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Tom Feher, In the Navel of the MoonTom Feher

Seattle, WA

In the Navel of the Moon

12 x 12″ 54 pages


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Deena-Mariam Feinberg, East End, self-published photobook at Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY Deena-Mariam Feinberg

Rhinebeck NY

East End

7 x 7″, 42 pages


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A. E. Fournet, Summer Water,A. E. Fournet

Memphis TN

Summer Water

8 x 10″  50 pages


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Peter Hoang, After Deep Silence  Peter Hoang

Brooklyn NY

After Deep Silence

8.5″ x 6.5″, 28 pages


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Nathan Larimer, Imprint, self-published photobook at Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY Nathan Larimer

Petaluma CA



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Fritz Liedtke  Skeleton in the Closet  Fritz Liedtke

Portland OR

Skeleton in the Closet

11 x 13″ 80 pages


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Henrik Malmstrom, On Borrowed Time Henrik Malmström


On Borrowed Time

8.7″ x 7.7″ (22cm x 19,5cm)


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Isabelle Marcelli, Devenir Sujet  Isabelle Marcelli

La Genevraye, France

Devenir Sujet

8″ x 10″, 86 pages


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Karen Marshall, With a Rolleoflex The 1970's Karen Marshall

New York NY

With a Rolleiflex, The 1970’s

7″ x 7″  40 pages


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Jaye R. Phillips, CurrentsJaye R. Phillips

Arlington, MA

Currents (best of show)


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Eva Koleva Timothy, Lost in LearningEva Koleva Timothy

Newbury MA

Lost in Learning

9.7″ x 13″, 72 pages, duotone


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