9th Annual Photobook Exhibition Catalog and Online Gallery

Paula Tognarelli
Executive Director & Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography
Karen Davis
Curator/Co-Founder, Davis Orton Gallery


Books by  •Sara Anthony    •Meghan Bollard    •Clario Barbato-Dunn  •Sheri Lynn Behr    •Vera Benschop     Leslie Hall Brown    •Lucinda Bunnen    •Michael Callaghan    •Jo Ann Chaus    •Andrew Cohen    •David Curtis    •Geoff Delanoy    •Clara de Tezanos    •Daniel Drake    •Melissa Ede    •Jeff Evans    •Kev Filmore    •Arnold Clayton Henderson    •Kevin Jones    •Kay Kenny    •Sandy Lloyd    •Roddy Macinnes    •Amanda Marchand    •Dan McCormack    •Linda Morrow    •Bruce Morton    •Jeremy Olson    •Robert Pacheco    •Louise Pedno    •Thomas Pickarski    •Antonio Perez Rio    •Allison Stewart    •Britland Tracy    •Thomas Whitworth

Sarah Anthony and Meghan Boilard
Meghan’s website 
Sarah’s website
Somerville Collection Agency: Overview & Analysis, Volume I
8.25” x 10.75”
144 pages
85 photographs
Hard Cover
Printed via Lulu.com
ISBN # 5800121465925
$65.00 USD
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Book Description: The Somerville Collection Agency is an ongoing collaborative investigation headed by Meghan Boilard and Sarah Anthony. As the name implies, the pair have taken a detached yet deliberate approach to gathering image and text concerning the city of Somerville, MA, sourced entirely from community-generated public content. Functioning beyond pure documentation, the Agency probes in hopes of fostering connections and demystifying the ever-elusive concept of home – for the benefit of Agency members as well as the
greater population.

Meghan Boilard is a visual artist and writer based in Cambridge, MA.
Deeply fascinated by photography and video as an increasingly accessible
means of expression, her work often delves into the absurdities and anxieties
generated by the unfamiliar, perpetually shifting digital landscape. 

Clarice Barbato-Dunn
The Spaciousness Project
Clarice’s website2018

10 x 8 in.
46 pages
28 photographs
$45.00 (U.S. shipping included)
Memories creep and cling like persistent vines. Which ones do we attempt to rip away and which ones do we train to grow all throughout our being?
This project is an ongoing exploration of the meaning of finding space in my life, as I consider the past and make room for growth.
Bio: Clarice Barbato-Dunn is a fine art photographer and published essay writer. She began her career as an art historian. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, teenage daughter, and their two dogs, Harry and Charlie. When the dogs see Clarice grab her camera and put on her hiking boots, they know it is time for an outing in the woods.

Sheri Lynn Behr
Artist’s Website
8″ x 8.75″ (Portrait)
Pages: 76
Photographs: 55
Soft cover, spiral bound
Printed and bound at Conveyor Arts, Jersey City, NJ
$36, $100 with a limited edition print included (choice of 2, ed.10 each)
Shipping: $5, + sales tax in NY
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Examining the ever-encroaching advances in surveillance, BeSeeingYou explores the disappearance of privacy in public and private spaces. The book contains images of strangers and suspects, as well as the cameras themselves, both in real life and on television. With concerns about intrusions into our personal lives, and the normalization of mass surveillance, the book raises questions that come from the claustrophobic sense of being constantly observed.

Sheri Lynn Behr began her career photographing musicians during rock and roll’s glory days. She then explored Polaroid SX-70 manipulations, and is currently included in The Polaroid Project, a book and traveling exhibition. Behr’s photographs are widely exhibited, at institutions including the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Amon Carter Museum, and The Colorado Photographic Arts Center. Publications include Harper’s MagazinePeople’s Photography (China), and The Boston Globe. She received a 2012 Fellowship in Photography from NJSCA, and a 2018 Puffin Foundation grant.

Vera Benschop
Artist’s Website
Fingerprints in the Dirt
6″ x 9″
Number of pages: 128, plus 24 additional in booklets
Number of photographs: 89 (including cover)
Semi-hard cover
Printer: Digitally printed, hand made
ISBN#: 978-0-9978441-0-8
Shipping: Free on Etsy with code DAVISORTON
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Fingerprints in the Dirt examines the complex relationship with people and nature, specifically in national park and forest lands. The land “belongs” to the people, and is maintained with
people in mind, but conservation and preservation efforts often replicate natural processes that have been previously interrupted by human intervention, begging the question if anything is untouched by humans at all.  It is handmade using pamphlet stitching on a modified accordion cover, while interior pockets contain poetry “impressions” and a colophon.

Vera Benschop is a photographer and book artist currently living and working in Denver, CO.  She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017. Her work had been exhibited in Chicago, Denver, and internationally in Paris.

Meghan Boilard
Artist’s Website
Press Enter to Search
6” x 9”
200 pages
194 photographs
Soft Cover
Printed via Createspace.com
ISBN # 9781523727537
$40.00 USD
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Press Enter to Search is a collection of images compiled by chance courtesy of Google Maps, showing scenes from every country on Earth. Alongside each image, I’ve included Google’s suggested topics regarding each region. A virtual journey through lands I’ve never stepped foot in and have little knowledge of firsthand, this photographic experiment was an attempt to see new places as they “truly” are and compare that to the biases engrained within my own search engine.

Meghan Boilard is a visual artist and writer based in Cambridge, MA. Deeply fascinated by photography and video as an increasingly accessible means of expression, her work often delves into the absurdities and anxieties generated by the unfamiliar, perpetually shifting digital landscape.

Leslie Hall Brown
Artist’s Website
10 x 8 inches
48 pages
46 photographs
Hard cover and Soft cover
Hard cover ISBN # 9781320385923
Soft cover ISBN # 9781320385916
Hard cover US $ 55.00
Soft cover US $39.00
Plus shipping and taxes if applicable
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MUSE offers a contemporary twist on the historical relationships between women referred to as muses and the artists they inspired. The photographs of the artists and muses were reworked to enhance a somewhat surreal quality. Each pairing is set against a background that is either geographically correct and or fits in a psychological manner. All of the subjects in this historically based series are from an era in art during which the muse was considered to be a source of great inspiration. While each of the pairings became famous and often –romanticized Hall Brown strove to peel away the veneer by placing them side-by-side as the people they were.

Leslie Hall Brown is a fine art photographer and psychotherapist from the USA. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She was awarded the 2016 Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) Best New Talent Award for her body of work entitled MUSE.

Lucinda Bunnen





Michael Callaghan
Artist’s Website
what battle, exactly?
Number of pages: 78
Number of photographs: 33
Hard Cover
Printer: blurb
Price: $75
plus shipping or taxes if applicable
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Through scenes of ‘infinite’ variabilities and repeating motifs, this work explores spatiotemporality, the subtlety of gesture and the subtlety of difference in a moment when frameworks of relationships are at once prominently visible and exhaustively hidden.

Mike Callaghan’s art practice focuses on fragmentation, rearrangement and reinterpretation — considering the intimate cycles of identity, self-preservation and mortality. He earned an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Jo Ann Chaus
Artist’s Website
Sweetie & Hansom
Designer-Rock City Studio, Editor-Joshua Lutz
7” x 9.5”
142 pages
63 images
Soft cover
Printer:  Conveyor Arts, NJ
ISBN 978-0-578-40575-9
Shipping, no charge
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Composed of recent and archival images, Sweetie & Hansom looks at a typical American family. The images and original text, shot over a seven-year period, explore life before and after the premature death of my brother who struggled with addiction most of his life. It looks at the individual, apart from and a part of the family.

Jo Ann Chaus is from and based in the New York area with a background in the fashion industry.  Her work is about the human condition, ambiguous, layered and psychological in nature.  She makes personal work about family, domesticity and related subjects, and sites being influenced by the great color photographers Saul Leiter, William Eggleston, Steven Shore, and Larry Sultan.  She completed two Track programs at ICP, in 2013 and 2017, has been in 30+ group shows, has self-published one book and has another on the way.

Andrew Cohen
Fuel Islands

David Curtis
Artist’s Website: www.davidcurtisphotography.net
11 inches wide, 8.5 inches high
32 pages
Number of photographs: 15
Soft cover
Printer: blurb

Price: $12.00  (plus tax, wherever applicable)
Shipping: Economy Rate,  $3.99 per copy
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A photozine of automobile reflections that separate, warp, yet can combine distinct structures from the organized chaos of New York City. A vehicle’s surfaces become sectional canvases: alternate universes grounded in the same reality; a metaphor of the interplay between our self-perceptions within the world we inhabit, and a world distorted by our subjective perceptions.

David H. Curtis first embraced photography in his native London. Twenty-five years later, in New York City he reconnected with his photographic eye,  zooming in on cityscapes, including vehicle reflections, as well as street portraits and urban narratives. A member of Hudson Valley’s LongReach Artist Cooperative, Curtis’s work, which continues to evolve, have been exhibited at numerous spaces in New York and also online. He and his spouse, fiction writer Ina Claire Gabler, dwell in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley.

Geoff Delanoy
Artist’s Website
7×7 inches
20 pages
Number of photographs: 12
Hard cover
Shipping: $8.00
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Trees is a collection of photographs from the series Fugitive Landscapesby Geoff Delanoy. Each black and white photograph of Cypress and eucalyptus trees was made with a modified Holga camera at Point Reyes National Seashore as the result of a contemplative interaction with the landscape.

Geoff Delanoy is a visual artist whose work includes photography and video installation. His current project Fugitive Landscapes was recently featured in the exhibit The National Park Service—100 Years: California Dreaming at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento, CA. He resides in Baltimore where he is Professor and Chair of the Art department at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Clara de Tezanos
Artist’s Website:  www.claradetezanos.com
Piedra-Padre, Universo
Book concept by Clara de Tezanos and Alejandro Cartagena
Design by David Bozareyes, Rodrigo Morales, Clara de Tezanos and Alejandro Cartagena
Edited by Alejandro Cartagena
Printed in the Guatemala
Published by Clara de Tezanos
130 pages
22 x 15.5 cm
Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-9929-764-24-8
Price : $40 + Shipping ($15 in USA and Europe + $25 wordwide)
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This sequence travels in its narrative through a polygonal movement between the figure of a father, embedded childhood, the weight of ancestors, and the anxiety of existing in this universe, in its immensity. The sensation that emulates is of being an expanding receptacle recognizing the distance towards the coordinates of an occult map and profound family constellations that are the source of an existential drama. The prism, as a synthesis towards all this personal search.

Clara de Tezanos is the co-founder of the Contemporary Photography Center La Fototeca and the GuatePhoto International Festival. de Tezanos has played an important role in the movement of contemporary photography in Guatemala and the region by dedicating herself to the creation, management, curatorship, and teaching of photography. She recently presented the publication of her current book Piedra-Padre, Universo with a solo exhibition in La Erre, among other activations such as the experimentation of El Regreso de Saturno in an extra-artistic space.

Daniel Drake
The Mystery of the Jewish New Year Valentines
Text by Bindy Morris Bitterman
Book designer: Betsy Seff
Pop-up card paper engineer: Petrina Case
Editor: Mary Cavanagh
Size: 8 inches x 9.5 inches
38 pages; soft cover
40 photographs and one three-dimensional pop-out card on inside cover
Printer: Blurb, $80
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I photographed the author’s collection of unique turn-of-the-20th century pop-up cardboard greeting cards: Valentine’s Day cards that had been transformed into Rosh Hashanah tidings. As I worked, I became fascinated by the intricate detailing, structure, and artistry that went into creating these
 elaborate constructions and their re-imagination. I am pleased to have been able to collaborate with the collector and author, the book designer, paper engineer, and editor in creating this self-published book, highlighting a fascinating and important historical collection.

Melissa Eder
Artist’s Website  
Fake Foods/ Fake News
10″ x 10″
Number of pages-20
Number of photographs-11
Hard cover
Printer Adorama
Shipping: For online, if shipping is free, add this info. Most will be plus shipping or taxes if applicable. Plus Shipping and taxes
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Fake Foods (Fake News)documents fake plastic artificial foods that I have collected. This book questions the notion of what is real or artifice, what is true or falsely modified/misconstrued and what is considered to be fact or fiction. On one hand, this book also calls attention to our present day assault on “reality” and our news media by our current president.

Melissa Eder is a mulit-media artist whose work explores notions related to female identity, popular culture and kitsch. She received her B.F.A. in painting from the Parsons School of Design where she studied with Sean Scully and a M.F.A. in combined media from Hunter College where she studied with Robert Morris. She has shown in such venues as the Bronx Museum, the Aperture Foundation, the Humble Arts Foundation, the Whitney Houston Biennial, during Art Basel at the Satellite Art Show in Miami, in Germany, Korea and London and in many other venues. Her work was reviewed by the New YorkTimes, Feature Shoot, the Huffington Post, and many other blogs and newspapers. She was born in Long Branch New Jersey, lives in New York City and works in Brooklyn as an artist in residence with chashama.

Jeff Evans
Artist’s Website
Jeff Evans’ Guide
18″ x 24″ (unfolded)/ 9″ x 4″(folded)
Number of pages: 1
Number of photos: 32
Printer:  Dean’s Blueprint
Price:  $15
Shipping:  Free
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“Jeff Evans’ Guide” is a version of “William Eggleston’s Guide” for Champaign-Urbana, Illinois showing 32 photos of ordinary things that are out of the ordinary — such as a clock without hands and a sidewalk that ends at a phone pole — and their locations marked on a map.

When Jeff Evans discovered that his job as a rocket scientist wasn’t as exciting as he thought it was going to be, he took some photo classes as a creative outlet.  Soon he was going to galleries and collecting photo books to learn more.  But the best way of learning he found was taking lots of pictures.

Though his career wasn’t creative, it still managed to influence his photos.  The attention to detail and appreciation of the absurd that he developed on the job are combined in his photos of everyday subjects that are out of the ordinary.

Kev Filmore
Artist’s Website  
21 Magnolia Rd.
Size of book16” x 12”
Number of pages 46 pages with two additional 16page booklets
Number of photographs- 50
soft cover
Magcloud and hand-made
Price- $85
Shipping- free
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From the moment you slide 21 Magnolia Rd. from it’s inter-office envelope and begin to turn pages you are aware that secrets are unfolding. Kev Filmore’s childhood story is being revealed as you pull cards, art and vintage imagery from envelopes and folders. As Cig Harvey states in the afterword, Kev makes objects. Tactile pieces to hold and pause over. Starting often from a photograph, vintage or her own, she layers paints, pens and pastels to complicate what is already difficult. This book speaks of family secrets buried, childhood trauma suppressed. 

Over the past year 21 Magnolia Rd. was featured in a solo exhibition at Davis Orton Gallery as well as group shows at Griffin Museum, Center Forward and Tilt, Candela, Soho and PhotoPlace galleries. Her series received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. Rhode Island Art Center for Photography will have a solo exhibit of the work in May 2019.

Arnold Clayton Henderson
Urban Illusions: Day-to-Day Mysteries in Photographs





Kevin Jones
Artist’s Website
Nuestro Cometa
13×11 inches
30 pages
Number of photographs: 14
Plus shipping and taxes if applicable
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The images in Nuestro Cometa capture the dynamic teamwork of young youth from the barrios of Cali, Colombia. Working together to get their large homemade kite airborne. The images capture their imagination, creativity and spirt. Along with fable inspiring text all written in Spanish.

Kevin Bernard Jones is from the community of South-Central Los Angeles, California. Kevin uses his photography to support non-governmental organizations working on local community initiatives. He works extensively in countries located in the Caribbean, Central and South Americas.

Kay Kenny
Artist’s Website
Mirrors of the Moment Casting Shadows
8”w X10”h
20 pages
18 photograph
hard cover
Blurb printing
Price $40 plus shipping
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Graphic Novel  in Black and White Photos:This is the story of a journey between illusion and reality that all of us travel as life slowly reveals itself. Orson Wells’ film The Lady from Shanghai serves as a subtext storyboard to the parallel quest for reality in a woman’s search for romance.

2016 NJSCA Artist Fellowship for Works on Paper. 2015 Arthur Griffin Legacy Award, Griffin Museum, Three-time recipient of NJSCA fellowship award. One-person shows include: Medellin, Columbia, Taipei,Taiwan, Lubbock, Texas and New York City.

Upcoming solo exhibits: Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ and Griffin Museum of Photography. Curated exhibits including ”Memory & Loss” at the Mary Anthony Gallery in New York City. Her work is in several notable corporate, museum and private collections. Recent publications about her work include Photography’s Antiquarian Avant-Garde, by Lyle Rexer, Abrams Publishing, Light & Lens,Photography in the Digital Age, & Photographic Possibilitiesby Robert Hirsch, Focal Press.

Sandy Lloyd
Artist’s Website
Requiem for a Son
Will Michels, Amy Blakemore and Peter Brown, my professors
10” X 10”
50 pages
15 photographs
hard cover
$125.00, plus shopping and taxes if applicable
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Requiem for a Son is my photographic love letter to my firstborn son,
to honor and remember him.

Born in 1947 in San Diego, California, Sandy Jo Lloyd was presented with her first camera at eight years of age. The intervening years between her first camera and today were spent studying at the Old Globe Theatre, in Actor’s Quarter, the first avant-garde theatre in San Diego and the Actor’s Theater of Houston. Sandy is now, many years later, living in Houston, Texas working in analog black and white photography. Her ability to visualize stage drama brought Sandy’s interests back to the camera and to studying at Glassell Art School. Sandy is currently working on a number of projects that include personal introspection. Her primary projects deal with the death of her son and exploring still lives, specifically the Vanitas.

Roddy Macinnes
Artist’s Website 
Family Album
Designer: David Skolkin; Editor, Rosemary Carstens;
Essays: Robin Gillanders, Sharalee Youngman, Ken Schmierer.
Number of pages: 104
Number of photographs: 81
Hard cover
Printed in China
ISBN#: 978-0-9993483-0-7
Price: $29.95
Shipping: For online, if shipping is free, add this info. Most will be plus shipping or taxes if applicable. Plus shipping and taxes
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Roddy MacInnes has been teaching photography at the University of Denver since 2001. He considers himself to be an autobiographical photographer, and in this capacity, he has been documenting his life through photography for over five decades.  He received a Master of Fine Arts in photography from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Bachelor of Arts in photography from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His book “Family Album”,was inspired by an album of photographs he discovered in an antiques mall in Denver, Colorado. A North Dakota woman (Nina Weiste) made the photographs in 1917.  Nina’s photographs triggered a search that became deeply personal. They created a lens through which he could examine how family memories are constructed and reinforced, and they allowed him to extend that understanding to his own experiences.


Amanda Marchand
Artist’s Website
Because the Sky
12.5 x 9.25”
Pages: 36
# of photos: 19 archival prints/ photos
hard cover: plexiglass slip-cover (with removable rubber-band binding)
self published
edition of 50
Price $500
Shipping: $25
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The photographs in this book are all computer-generated negatives from digital photographs taken at night during one summer. In analogue photography the negative is a latent, ethereal twin to the positive image. Positive/negative, (now/then, absence/presence) are very much a part of the language of photography. My mother passed away from ovarian cancer shortly after the summer photos were taken and for three years I contemplated that space, a seeming in-between or transitional space where she was absent but also still closer than ever. In this series the “digital negative” felt analogous to a shadow realm (or kind-of ghost presence), with the full moon doubling as universal symbol for the feminine, and simultaneously sun/ black hole.

A native of Montreal, Amanda Marchand lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, followed by a Graduate Fellowship Residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Marchand is a MacDowell Colony Fellow (Petersborough, NH), as well as having been awarded residencies at the Hermitage Artist Retreat, FL, the Studios at MASS MoCA, and Arteles Creative Center in Finland. She recently completed a permanent installation at the MUHC Glen Hospital in Montreal and has been widely recognized with awards and exhibitions at numerous institutions including Datz Museum (Korea); Palo Alto Art Center (Palo Alto, CA); Center for Contemporary Arts (Curator’s Choice Award, CENTER, Santa Fe, NM); and The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, CO).

Amanda Marchand
The Book of Hours
printed by Datz Press, Korea
Size: 4.5×4.5 inches
Pages:  double-sided accordion-fold with 14 panels
# of photos: 26 plus 1 archival, collector’s print, “Today’s Lesson”
hard cover
edition of 25
Price $150
Shipping: $10
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“The Book of Hours” is part of the series, “True North,” photographs that track the shifting snowdrifts and blue of long, drawn-out dusk, or flat light of day in deepest winter, Finland. The double-sided book pages reveal parallel sequences tracking the movement of light — on one side is the view looking in through a window, and on the other, looking from the inside out — as it travels across the panels.  In one sequence, light not only travels across the wall but the camera frame travels across the pages of the book. The title of this book makes reference to the most common type of devotional book popular in the Middle Ages. Like the practice of meditation, these photographs ask the simple question, “What happens when you pay attention?”

Dan McCormack
Artist’s Website
The Nude at Home – Pinhole Camera Images
James Luciana – Designer
12″ x 12″
31  pages
31 pictures including front and back covers
Hard Cover
$ 100.00 includes shipping
ISBN 978-1-38-866219-6
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I use traditional 8 x 10 black-and-white film in a homemade oatmeal-box pinhole camera to create wide-angle distortions with the cylindrical focal plane. By then replacing the black-and-white values with subtle hues through successive pulling of curves in Photoshop, I interact with and interpret the image. In the “Nude at Home – Pinhole Camera Images” series and book, I photograph the model nude in her own home, apartment, or studio, surrounded by her possessions for two-minute exposures. It is a collaboration between model and photographer, the images attempt to reveal an intimate portrait of the subject.

I earned an MFA in Photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1970 and I have been photographing the nude, exhibiting that work and teaching photography for nearly 50 years. I currently head the film photography program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Linda Morrow
Artist’s website
bound by Jace Graf at Clover Leaf Studio; Austin, Texas
32 pages
8″ X 8″
18 photographs
Hard cover
Handmade, self-printed, self-published.
Free shipping
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LOOKING  FOR  BOBBY  CLACKETT   is a story in words and pictures of my childhood’s pretend playmate, a character who plays the roles of companion and co-dreamer and ultimately personifies Imagination. The book features sixteen warm-toned B/W photographs, each tipped-in across from the text. Images are printed on Awagami’s Inbe paper. The book with slipcase measures 8” x  8”; it is bound with sage green, Japanese silk and stitched along the spine in contrasting red, book thread.

Linda Morrow can say that photography is in a sense her voice and often her meditation. She retired early from teaching college English in order to focus more on the visual image, which may explain her interest in book-making. She has in recent years begun working with alternate structures for the photobook such as the concertina, the pivoting panel, and the map book.

Several of her award-winning titles are held in private as well as public collections, namely the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and the Griffin Museum of Photography, Boston.  Her intention always is to make pictures/books that inspire the mind and engage the heart. She is an Arizona native who has lived for decades in Long Beach, CA.

Forgottonia The Suburbs Bruce MortonBruce Morton
Third and final book of the Forgottonia trilogy.
100 color photographs
Song lyrics by Randy Sollenberger
Quotations from Carl Sandber

Editor/Designer:  Paula Gillen
Other contributors:  Randy Sollenberger, Carl Sandberg
Published:  2018
Size:  8.5×11 inches
Number of pages:  117
Number of photographs:  100
Soft cover
Printer:  Edition One
Price:  $50
Shipping:  $10


Jeremy Olson
Artist’s website
9.25 x 9.25 x .5 inches
48 pages
44 images
Hardcover w/ 3D glasses
Printed in Iceland by Oddi Printing
ISBN# 978-0-692-81677-6
If purchased through the exhibition I’ll ship for free to anywhere in the continental US, if purchased through my bigcartel online store shipping will be generated based on location.
To purchase  and also at Printed Matter in NYC.

GROTTO is a 48-page 3D photo book. The images were created from small sculptures and dioramas that were photographed in 3D to be viewed with paper red-cyan glasses, which are included. The sequence of images portrays a dreamlike journey through a labyrinth, referencing spaces that shift from the institutional to domestic, to organic womb-like caves. Arrangements throughout suggest faces, the objects intimate an inner agency–there is a constant suggestion of encounter, although almost nothing distinctly alive appears

Jeremy Olson is a Brooklyn-based artist working in painting, video, sculpture and photography. These practices are linked by a common interest in invented characters, the built environment, animist objects, and the various ways that images shape desire. His work has been exhibited in New York as well as Antwerp, Baltimore, Berlin, Melbourne, and Seoul. He has participated in residency programs in Florida, New York, Nebraska, Oslo, and Michigan.

Robert Pacheco
Artist’s website 
Sun & Cellophane
7″H X 8″W
Pages: 40
Number of photos: 40
Soft Cover
Printer: A&I Fine Art & Photography
ISBN#: Pending
Price: $40 (CA 9.5% sales tax)
Shipping: $5
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Simple colors of cellophane lit by sunlight is meant to be a  celebration of the beauty, passion, quiet, energy, drama of nature. Like delicate, resounding classical music or frenzied rock and roll mixed with blues. Inspiration is the visual melody.

I’m a freelance photographer living in the Los Angeles area. Have photographed for publications, corporate, industrial, healthcare, education, non-profit foundations and myself. Awards have been won for professional and personal work.

Louise Pedno
Artist’s Website
Hair Matters
62 pages
36 photographs
Soft cover $50
Hard cover $65
free domestic shipping
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In Hair Matters, hair is used as a vehicle to discuss cultural identity, self-expression, and social landscape. Headshot photographs are taken and during a brief interview, the participants are invited to express what their hair means to them. Some choose to talk about good hair, bad hair, natural hair, the significance of the beard in Orthodox Judaism and that of head coverage in Islam, Christianity and Sikhism, as well as Japanese hair traditions. Others focus the exchange on their hair’s color or style du jouras a strong marker of their uniqueness. Everyone has a story.

Louise Pedno is a New York-based visual storyteller. Originally from Montreal, she has lived in the United States, Canada, and Europe. As a physician turned photographer, Louise travelled the world. She recently completed the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program of the International Center of Photography in New York. Her work has been exhibited nationally.

Thomas Pickarski
Artist’s website
Floating Blue
Number of pages  42
Number of photographs 21
Hard cover
Printer: Adorama
plus shipping ($5.95)
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Antonio Perez Rio
Artist’s website
Designer: underbau
Translation: Juana Adcock
Prepress: Eduardo Nave
120 pages
65 photographs
Printer: Artes Graficas Palermo
ISBN: 978-84-09-02911-2
Price: 35 US
Shipping: 17 US
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The Louvre Museum fascinates and terrifies me in equal parts. Works that have survived several centuries face people who visit the museum and refuse to look directly at them. Contemplation has given way to an accumulation conducted by means of all sorts of digital devices, generating a new way of staying and being in the world, a transformation of the art experience that points towards a profound modification of human nature.

Founder and director of LENS School of Visual Arts. His book Masterpieces has won the City of Móstoles Artist Book Award 2018 and has been a finalist for the Felifa 2018 International Award (Buenos Aires), as well as being part of the collective exhibition Here I Live at the Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg). This same project was shortlisted for the Kassel Fotobookfestival Dummy Award and it was exhibited for the first time at the Albert Hall Museum (Jaipur Photo festival, 2017).

Allison Stewart
Artist’s website
Bug Out Bag:  The Commodification of American Fear
Editor:  Alyssa Coppelman, Introduction by Pete Brook,
Essays by Rachel Monroe and Max Presneill
Cover designed by Hardy Stewart
9″ x 11″
106 pages
Hard cover
Self Published.
Printed by Paper Chase Press
ISBN #9780692122389
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Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fearis a photographic journey into America’s obsession with guns, prepping, and the Apocalypse.  Throughout the book you will meet 13 preppers from all over the United States and go inside their Bug Out Bags, which they keep at the ready to survive the first 72 hours of a disaster.  The preppers themselves offer survivalist insights and screenshots from online discussions show how seriously these bags contents are debated. The book includes essays by Rachel Monroe, Pete Brook, Max Presneill, and the artist.

Allison Stewart grew up in Houston, Texas and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.  Her photographs explores the construction of American identity through its relics, rituals, and mythologies.  Allison’s work has has been published and exhibited internationally, including Cortona On The Move, the Aperture Foundation, The Wright Museum, The New Mexico History Museum, Vogue Italia, and The New Republic.

Britland Tracy
Artist’s website
Show Me Yours
10.75 x 9 inches
104 pages
75 images
(Includes zine insert – 5 x 5 inches, 32 pages)
Design by Paula Gillen
Essay by Melinda Barlow

Printed by Conveyor Editions
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ISBN-13: 978-0-692-14584-5
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Show Me Yours is an exploration of intimacy, masculine vulnerability, and the desire to be seen through my documentation of the bedrooms and personal writings of twelve men I do not know.

Britland Tracy is a visual artist whose work combines images and text to illuminate the intricacies of human interaction. She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and currently practices and teaches photography at the University of Colorado, where she received her MFA in 2017.

Thomas Whitworth
Constructed Realities
Self designed and edited
8.5″ x 11.5″
# of pages. – 62
# of photos – 52
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A hardcover 60+ page book 8.5″ x 11.5″ that presents fifty photographic diptychs created from anonymous nude male and female portraits purchased off of ebay. The portraits were scanned and digitally aligned alongside setup still lifes, snapshots, and real world views. The combined images present possible narratives and histories for the previously unrelated photographs and serve as modern examples of the suggestive power of the Kuleshov Effect, a photographic phenomena of interpretation discovered in 1918 by Soviet cinema pioneer Lev Kuleshov.

Thomas Whitworth is an artist and educator holding a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a MA from California State University at Fullerton, CA and a BFA from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl. He has exhibited nationally and internationally for over 40 years.