Street Photography and the Urban Scene

Zelda Zinn

Ellen Feldman 

Portfolio Showcase
tba : street photography & the urban scene: what’s new
deadline for submissions: May 27

June 25 to July 24, 2016

 Reception: Saturday, June 25, 5-7pm
also: Gallery Stroll Belo3rd

Zelda Zinn, NY Revelations

Zelda Zinn, NY Revelation - 0297D1

Zelda Zinn, NY Revelation – 0297D1

Ellen Feldman, Urban Zips

EllenFeldman BigFoot

Ellen Feldman, Big Foot

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase Call for Work,
the gallery will also featuring two portfolios
theme: Street Photography & the Urban Scene: What’s New
Deadline for submissions: May 27

About the Artists

Zelda Zinn, NY Revelations

Zelda Zinn, NY Revelation 0386D

Zelda Zinn, NY Revelation 0386D

Zelda Zinn’s NY Revelations are both abstract compositions
and candid, slightly off balance street photography.

As with her other series, this NY Revelations questions how photography does or does not capture the Real. Through digital elimination of swatches of visual information, Zinn’s images become more universal. While they retain clues to the actual time and place, they resist any straight-forward closure of meaning. Presenting images reduced to basic compositional elements such as line and color, Zinn invites the viewer to engage with the empty spaces. Her photographs’ skeletal remains prompt the viewer to try to reconstruct what could be or might have been there.

Bio: Zelda Zinn, now of Brooklyn via the west coast and “a childhood in a big family in Texas back when it was a blue state” views photography as one of many tools available to artists, and likes to get her hands dirty with other media such as printing, painting, and making sculpture.

Recent solo exhibitions of her photography include: WorkSpace Gallery, Lincoln NE; Soo VAC, Milwaukee WI and Art-Merge, Los Angeles CA. Group shows include Shoestring Press, Brooklyn NY; Walker Fine Art, Denver CO; and Jeffrey Leder Gallery, Long Island City NY. She has been featured in online and print media publications including: Ain’t Bad Magazine, Plates-to-Pixels and Lenscratch.  Zinn holds an MFA in photography from the University of New Mexico and also credits artist’s residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute and Vermont Studio Center with having a profound impact on her art making.

Ellen Feldman, Urban Zips

EllenFeldman, Excavators

EllenFeldman, Excavators

“Urban Zips” combines Ellen Feldman’s interest in abstract expressionist painting with her longstanding work in street photography. Since her college days in New York City, she has been drawn to the large canvasses of abstract expressionist painters such as Robert Motherwell and Barnett Newman. As a street photographer, she is especially attracted to images by Helen Levitt, Saul Leiter and others where formal elements are not isolated from their embodiment in human subjects and their physical environments.

It is Newman’s work that inspired this project. He created “zips”: paintings in which a field of one color is bisected by one or more thin bands—or zips—of another color. In this series Feldman creates her own zips: one or more “slices” from her street photographs bisect a field of color (pavement, wall, or other urban surface). As the series has progressed, she has relaxed the grip of Newman’s modernism and refocused my attention on the grit of city life.


Ellen Feldman’s fine art photography reflects her background in film studies—in the primacy of physical gesture and frozen motion, of movement cut by the frame, and of bold color.

Her photographs have appeared in recent solo exhibits at the French Cultural Center, Boston, MA, the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA (satellite galleries), and the Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY; were featured in Women 360, South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA; and have been shown in many juried group exhibits. She has published a popular photo/comic book of a dancer incorporated into a Fantastic Four comic: The Dancer as the Invisible Girl, and two books of street photos: Les Mystères de Paris / Paris Mysteries and A Week in Prague: Wall People / Street People.

Feldman is Photography Editor of the Women’s Review of Books, published by Wellesley College. I hold a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from New York University.