Thoughts of Family and a Feeling of Home
photography and multi-media
Plus Portfolio Showcase (tba, deadline Oct 7)

Reception: Saturday, November 2, 5-7pm
Show dates: October 27 to November 26, 2019

Moira Barrett Karen Davis
Ellen Feldman Cassandra Goldwater
Miriam Goodman

Moira Barrett, Imaginary Homeland

Imaginary Homeland 2 by Moira Barrett

Karen Davis, Close to Home

Introductions in Vietnam from Strangely Attracted series by Karen Davis

Ellen Feldman, Separation Anxiety

Me In the Middle: My Parents (in the 1960s) and Me (in the 2000s) by Ellen Feldman

Cassandra Goldwater, Absence/Presence

Memory Marker from Absence/Presence by Cassandra Goldwater

Miriam Goodman,
“After a Certain Age” and “A Daughter Recalls Her Mother’s Advice”

She stopped looking into the mirror ….. by Miriam Goodman from her movie, After a Certain Age