6th Annual Self-Published Photobook Exhibition

Davis Orton Gallery and Griffin Museum of Photography logosPHOTOBOOK 2015
Two Exhibitions and Online Catalog/Gallery

Davis Orton Gallery
November 21 to December 20, 2015

Reception for Artists: Saturday, November 21, 5-7pm
also Gallery Stroll BeLo3rd

Griffin Museum of Photography
 67 Shore Rd.  Winchester MA 01890

January 14 to March 6, 2016
Reception for ALL Artists: Thursday, January 14, 7-8:30pm

PHOTOBOOK 2015 online catalog/gallery – 34 artists

Best of Show
Mara Catalan, Anna Leigh Clem, Keron Psillas, Andi Schreiber

Photobook 2015 Best of Show

34 Exhibited at Davis Orton Gallery and Griffin Museum of Photography

Photobook 2015 - 20 at Davis Orton Gallery
Eldar Akbarov – Deja Vu
William Ash – Earth Water Fire Wind Emptiness: Tokyo Landscapes
Leslie Hall Brown – Through The Garden Of Childhood
Karen Bucher – Shadow Run
Mike Callaghan – Com (Me N Cement Notes)
Mara Catalan – Williamsburg: A Place I Once Call Home
Anna Leigh Clem – Grounded
David Curtis – In The Moment: City Spaces, City Faces
Mark Diamond – Limitless World
Mario Digirolamo – Visione
Melissa Eder – Sunshine Daydream (Dedicated To Jerry Garcia)
Michael B. Endy – Lost Highway: A Photographic Hymn To New Jersey
Jeff Evans – What’s Wrong With This Picture
Bill Gore – SWIPE
Paul Hockett – Negative Memory

Michael Hunold – The Stone Room
Jaclyn Kain – Postcard Stories
Sachiko Kawanabe – Sononite
Ken Konchel – Architectonic
Jack La Forte – The Lost Glove Series
Liza Macrae – Together In A Sudden Strangeness
GE Mckerrihan – Hearing Shadows Call

Linda Morrow – A Celebration Of Plums
Michael Nelson – Photos From Cuba
Cynthia O’Dell – 0-6
Nick Pedersen – Sumeru
Jaye R. Phillips – Into The Dark Of Night
Keron Psillas – Loss And Beauty
Gilbert Rios – Look/See
Don Russell – Cowboys Of Color
Andi Schreiber – Drift
Dan R Talley – Yesterday’s Coffee, Tomorrow’s Eggs
Andrew MK Warren – Some Pictures
Rosemarie Zens – Carousel Of Time