April 11 to May 10, 2020
Reception: Saturday, April 11, 5-7pm

Hudson Valley

River Towns and Landscapes

Ken Dreyfack

Deena Feinberg

portfolio showcase:  deadline: March 22
any river town or any river valley landscape

Ken Dreyfack

Finest - photograph by Ken Dreyfack

Finest – photograph by Ken Dreyfack (Hudson NY)

Deena Feinberg

untitled – Hudson Valley (canopy) by Deena Feinberg

Portfolio Showcase Artists TBA  deadline March 22

About the Artists

Ken Dreyfack

photograph- Rear Entrance by Ken Dreyfack

Rear Entrance by Ken Dreyfack

Artist Statement:
I present my Silent Stages photographs as platforms specifically built as settings for narratives; they are akin to theatrical stages or movie sets. I aim to spark viewers’ imaginations, to spur them to conjure up a story laced with mystery and alienation. That’s why I make the lighting dramatic, why I shoot in black and white, why some elements may be too dark and/or fuzzy to see clearly. In this exhibition of my work, I focus on settings/silent stages of Hudson River Valley towns.

It was only years after this project, Silent Stages, was undertaken that I began to understand how the choices I make – of subjects, settings, lighting, composition – reflect the particularities of my life and sensibility. In this sense, these images are relics from a personal archeological dig, a visual memoir of sorts suggesting various stages of my life and the places I have lived.

A Hudson Valley resident, New Yorker by birth and a Frenchman by naturalization, Ken Dreyfack’s life has been divided between two countries, languages and cultures. As a journalist and commercial writer, Ken worked in the broadcast and print media in New York, Paris and Chicago. He has been engaged in fine art photography for the past decade.

Ken’s photographs have been exhibited in a solo show at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM). Group shows include: the Site:Brooklyn and Foley Gallery in NYC; the Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins CO;  Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) ;Griffin Museum, Boston; Greg Moon Gallery, Taos NM, and Sohn Gallery in Lenox, MA. Special recognition includes awards from The Photo Review, San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition and Texas Photographic Society.

Ken serves as co-moderator of the ongoing Photographers’ Salon at CPW. Silent Stages, the first monograph of his work, is due for publication by Daylight Books in Spring 2020.

Deena Feinberg

photograph-Untitled (dew) by Deena Feinberg

Untitled (dew) by Deena Feinberg

Photography is both Deena Feinberg’s artistic practice and a way of life. Her images are spontaneous expressions of the world around her. “When I present my photographs, I am also sharing a personal narrative of my lived experience.”

Working primarily in the documentary style, she uses both analog and digital formats and multiple cameras to examine a range of subjects—returning often to landscapes of the Hudson Valley. Most recently she has been experimenting with locative art, which explores the relationships between people, places or objects in the real world as well as the virtual. “The on-the-fly sensibility of locative media augments my ability to react to inspiring contexts through my photographs.”

Deena has exhibited her work at, among other venues: Photoplace Gallery Middlebury VT; A Smith Gallery, Johnson City TX; Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA, Davis Orton Gallery and Wired Gallery, High Falls NY.