Send Us Your Photos

To the Hudson NY Area Community

We (Mark Orton and Karen Davis) are requesting YOUR PHOTOS of Hudson NY area political actions, marches and demonstrations. We will be including them in iPad slide shows that will be part of our upcoming exhibition, “MOVED TO ACT!” 

(Click here for more about the exhibition)

We’ve had a number of “actions” over the past few years: Women’s Marches, Black Lives Matter, support for Immigrants and undocumented, gatherings at offices of elected officials, March for our Lives, gatherings to save affordable healthcare, protect the environment and more.

Send us up to 10 jpgs in an email.  If you can size them, make them 1000 pixels on longest side.  If you can’t size them yourself, (we hope you can) send them anyway.  Tell us your name, the event you photographed and the date, if possible.  If you have photographs from more than 1 event, send each event in a separate email.

Attach them to your email and send to this email address:

The deadline is next Wednesday, October 24. 

The exhibition opens Saturday, October 27, 5-7pm, 114 Warren St. Hudson.

We hope you can join us.

Karen Davis and Mark Orton