PHOTOBOOK 2012 Catalog

Twenty Photobooks from 3rd Annual Photobook  Exhibition & Sale
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malcolm brown, the artists of the invisible dog

Malcolm Brown
“The Artists Of The Invisible Dog“ (BOS)
2012, hard cover
7″ x 7″ x 1.25″, 75 pages,
35 photographs
Publisher: Malcolm Brown
Printer: Conveyer Print Space
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elizabeth fleming, life is a series of small momentsElizabeth Fleming
“Life Is A Series Of Small Moments” (BOS)
8.25″ x 10.75″, 32 pages
32 photographs
Printer: MagCloud
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judith miller, cerro del conejo NM/ten yearsJudith S. Miller
“Cerro Del Conejo NM/Ten Years” (BOS)
8″ x 9.5″, 80 pages
162 photographs
Printer: blurb
isbn: 978-0-9856203-1-8 softcover
$45 (softcover verson)  Purchase here
isbn: 978-0-9856203-0-1
$65 (hardcover version) Purchase here

ay muhlin, half life: a portrait of laurenJay Muhlin, 
“Half Life: A Portrait Of Lauren”  (BOS)
2008, hardcover
8″x10″, 147 pages, edition: 100
Printer: Inigo Digital PRess
isbn: 0=89822-125-0
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brett bell, simple pleasuresBrett Bell
“Simple Pleasures”
11″ x 9″, 110 pages, edition of 200
Printer: Bookmasters in Ohio
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robert covington, about the gardenRobert Covington
“About The Garden”
2011, hardcover
11″x13″, 74 pages
35 photographs,
Printer: blurb
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melissa eder, fave foodsMelissa Eder
“Fave Foods”
2012, hardcover

8″x12″, 14 pages
9 photographs
Printer: Adorama
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ellen feldman, a week in prague: wall people/street peopleEllen Feldman
“A Week In Prague: Wall People/Street People”
8.5″ x 8.5″, 50 pages
39 photographs
Printer: viovio
Publisher: ELFEL publications
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stewart harvey, i am what i need to be - an odyssey of identity in new orleansStewart Harvey

“I Am What I Need To Be:
An Odyssey of Identity in New Orleans”
2011, hardcover
11″ x 8.5″, 60 pages

49 photographs
Printer: mypublisher
$125  (Exhibition Special: $95)
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michael hunold, postcards from augustMichael Hunold
“Postcards From August”

5″ x 8″, 78 pages, edition of 4
77 photographs
Printer: iphoto/apple
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jack laforte, water and mistJack LaForte
“Water And Mist”
2011, hardcover
10″ x 8″, 66 pages
32 photographs
Printer: blurb
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jenna lynch: cairo commute: the women's carJenna Lynch
“Cairo Commute: The Women’s Car”
2012, hardcover
12″ x 12″, 39 pages, edition of 28

30 photographs
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matthew o'connell, stacy o'connell, jason russell, jason zucco; pilgrim's runMathew O’Connell, Stacy O’Connell, Jason Russell, Jason Zucco
“A Pilgrim’s Run”
 Designer, Stacy O’Connell

10″ x 8″, 74 pages
76 photographs
Publisher: Mad River Motor Company
Printer: blurb
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oliver ogden, organica

Oliver Ogden

5.5″ x 7″, 44 pages, edition of 50
20 photographs
Printer: Pigelicrow Press
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martha ormiston, gustsMartha Ormiston
2012, hardcover

10″ x 8″, 220 pages
109 photographs
Printer: blurb
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peter riesett, testament

Peter Riesett

8″ x 10″, 114 page
47 photographs
Printer: blurb
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jacob rivkin, our shareJacob Rivkin
“Our Share”
11″ x 13″, 40 pages
24 photographs
Printer: blurb
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stephen strom, sand mirrorsStephen Strom
co-author: Richard B. Clarke, poet
“Sand Mirrors”

Design in collaboration with Karen Strom and Kelly Leslie
8″ x 8″, 104 pages
50 photographs
Publisher: Polytropos Press
Printer: Arizona Lithographers
ISBN 978-0-9883785-1-3
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lito vales, hormencio: stream of consciousness Lito Vales
“Hormencio: Stream Of Conciousness”

5″ x 7″, 50 pages with 1 audio CD
133 photographs
Printer: viovio
Publisher: Cactus Killer Books
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john whipple, down by the riverJohn Whipple
“Down By The River”

6.75″ x 6.75″, 102 pages
52 photographs
Printer: blurb
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