ONLINE-Books and Readers Group Show

Third Annual “Books and Readers” Group Show

Call for Entries: Photography, Photo-based Works

Theme: Books and (or) Books & Readers

Entry Fee: $25  Submit up to 5 images

Deadline: October 19, 2020 

ONLINE Exhibition Dates: November 3 to 29, 2020

Illustration of 10 photographs - books and readers

Photographs from 2019- 2nd Annual Books and Readers Show

Books and Readers Group Show Submission guidelines

Three Steps for Submission

Step One – Prepare Images for Upload

File Specifications:

1)  Up to 5 jpgs

  • 72 ppi
  • sized to 1200 pixels on VERTICAL side
  • saved to the highest quality possible

2) Title each jpg as follows:

  • Initials of your first and last name
  • two digit number, 01 02, etc, based on order you would like images viewed
  • title or part of title depending on length,  For example:


Steps Two Complete Submission Information on form below, attach files then Submit/Send 

Submission Form

    (* - required fields)

    Contact Information

    *First Name
    *Last Name
    *Telephone Number (include country code if outside US)
    *Email Address

    Mailing Address

    *Street Address 1
    Street Address 2
    *ZIP/Postal Code

    Submission Information for Images

    Title of series (if applicable):
    Number of Images Submitted:

    Image 1
    *Image 1 title:
    *Image 1 medium/process:
    *Image 1 image size:
    *Image 1 paper size:
    *Image 1 edition size:
    *Image 1 price:

    Image 2 (optional)
    Image 2 title:
    Image 2 medium/process:
    Image 2 image size:
    Image 2 paper size:
    Image 2 edition size:
    Image 2 price:

    Image 3 (optional)
    Image 3 title:
    Image 3 medium/process:
    Image 3 image size:
    Image 3 paper size:
    Image 3 edition size:
    Image 3 price:

    Image 4 (optional)
    Image 4 title:
    Image 4 medium/process:
    Image 4 image size:
    Image 4 paper size:
    Image 4 edition size:
    Image 4 price:

    Image 5 (optional)
    Image 5 title:
    Image 5 medium/process:
    Image 5 image size:
    Image 5 paper size:
    Image 5 edition size:
    Image 5 price:

    Upload Files:

    maximum file size 2mb
    [Remember: Title the file name for each jpg as follows:
    - Initials of your first and last name
    - two digit number, 01 02, etc, based on order you would like images viewed
    - title or part of title depending on length.

    For example:kd-01-TheRedAuto.jpg

    Image file 1:
    Image file 2:
    Image file 3:
    Image file 4:
    Image file 5:

    Artist Statement for Books and Readers submission (written in first person) (not more than 150 words)

    Artist Bio (written in 3rd person) (not more than 150 words)

    How did you hear about the Books and Readers Group Show?

    *Select as many as appropriate


    After clicking on "Submit" scroll back here to see confirmation that your form was properly submitted)

    Step Three – Submission Fees and Payment:

    Submission fee is $25 (Up to 5 jpgs) Please pay for submissions immediately before or after uploading your file. You can pay with your Paypal account or with any credit card. You do not need a Paypal account to pay via credit card.


    Selected artists will be announced on the Davis Orton Gallery website one week after deadline.

    Selected Artists

    Accepted work will include 1 or more images from a submission.

    Terms and Conditions

    Sale Of Photographs

    All photographs selected for exhibition must be for sale while in exhibition. All photographs are sold on consignment.  The Gallery keeps 50% of the print sale price. The artist receives 50% of the print sale price. Sale proceeds will be paid to the artist within 30 days of the close of the show. NB: The print price should be the same price that your print is sold for in other exhibition venues.

    Questions?? contact Karen:

    The Fine Print

    IMAGE REPRESENTATION – The gallery reserves the right to withdraw an offer to exhibit if the jpgs provided by the artist do not accurately represent the prints.

    LATE SUBMISSIONS AND LATE PAYMENTS – No submission without payment will be considered. No submission will be considered after the deadline.  Payments made after the deadline will be refunded at 80%.

    AGREEMENT – By submitting to this show the artist agrees that images of photographs or video stills can be used to promote the show including publicity and web site promotions. Copyright credit will be given to the artist. Submission of entry constitutes agreement to all conditions in this Call for Entries and Entry Form.


    Artist hereby represents and warrants to Gallery that she or he is the creator of the Artwork and is the owner of all rights to the Artwork and their use as granted to Gallery in this Agreement.