PortfolioShowcase – Submit Entry Here

Three Steps: upload images, submit information, complete payment

Step One – Upload images files

Image files (7 to 12 photographs from a single series/portfolio) may be submitted only online using hightail.com, formerly yousendit.com.

Image file specifications: 7 to 12 jpgs, 72 ppi, sized to 1200 pixels on the longest side and saved to the highest quality possible.

Title each jpg as follows: two digit number, 01 02, etc, based on order you would like images viewed, your last name, title or part of title depending on length

For example: 01-Smith-TheRedAuto.jpg

If you do not already have hightail account, Click here for a free Hightail Lite Account. If you already have “YouSendIt Lite Account” it will redirect you. The Davis Orton Gallery will not accept images on CD or by email.

Hightail Instructions for submission:

  • Prepare your files per the specifications above
  • Create a single compressed file of all your jpgs (in zip format)
  • Title this file with your name
  • Access your hightail.com or yousendit.com Lite account
  • Use portfolio@davisortongallery.com as the recipient address in Hightail/YouSendIt.
  • Include your name in the subject header


Step Two – Submit Portfolio/Series Information

(all information * required)

Contact information

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Street Address 1:
Street Address 2:
*ZIP/Postal Code:
*Telephone (include country code if outside US):

*Your Email:

Portfolio Information

Title of Portfolio/Series
Photo Process

Image Information - minimum 7 - maximum 12

[Remember: Title each jpg as follows: two digit number, 01 02, etc, based on order you would like images viewed, your last name, title or part of title depending on length. For example: 01-Smith-TheRedAuto.jpg

*Image filename 1:
*Image filename 2:
*Image filename 3:
*Image filename 4:
*Image filename 5:
*Image filename 6:
*Image filename 7:
Image filename 8:
Image filename 9:
Image filename 10:
Image filename 11:
Image filename 12:

Provide the following information for your portfolio:
*Print size (height & width in inches)

*Edition size (or indicate "none")


Other sizes available (or "none")? Include price and edition information for each size.
*Other size 1:
Other size 2:
Other size 3:

*Artist Statement for Portfolio/Series (written in first person) (not more than 150 words)

*Artist Bio (written in 3rd person) (not more than 150 words)

Additional information (optional)

How did you here about the Portfolio Showcase?

**Select as many as appropriate


Step Three – Pay for Your Submission

Theme 2017 Deadlines    
Flora: far and near – One or many, Trees, bushes, branches, leaves. Flowers, buds, blossoms, petals March 13

Street photography and the urban scene. 
From it’s rich history to contemporary approaches.
May 2

Prison Photography: Landscapes, portraits and/or still lifes. Prisons, prison towns. Neighbors, Families. Guards, Incarcerated, Formerly Incarcerated. May 27

Third Annual Group Show
Photo-based works and videos. Theme: Open
Juror: Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography
July 5 Click here for Annual Group Show  

Composites, Collage, Montage, Original and/or appropriated imagery

August 15

Identity in America: Religion, Race, Origins  Sept 19

8th Annual PHOTOBOOK Exhibition
1 call, 2 exhibits: Davis Orton Gallery &
Griffin Museum of Photography
 Oct 24  click on link for Photobook 2017