photocollage, photography, mixed media

Cheryl Lickona… 

& Friends: Mixing Media 
 Dea Archbold….Glass 
Lisa Breznak….Sculpture
Melanie Burrows…Jewelry
Patti Gibbons….Collage, Painting
Gretchen Kelly….Watercolor
Maria Kolodziej-Zincio….Encaustic
K. Velis Turan….Mixed Media Textiles 

Portfolio Showcase “Object(s)”
Laura Dodson and Malcolm Easton

Reception for Artists: Saturday, June 22, 6-8 pm
Exhibition Dates:  June 15 to July 14, 2019

click here for radio interview with 4 of the artists on WGXC’s Art of the Hudson Valley

Cheryl Lickona, photo collage & mixed media

Lady Earth, photocollage mounted

Lady Earth by Cheryl Lickona, photocollage, pigment print 10.75″w x 15.5″l, mounted on a painted canvas 16″x 20″

Dress, mixed media – memoir by Cheryl Lickona

& Friends 
mixed media curated by Cheryl Lickona

Top Row: Melanie Burrows / Gretchen Kelly / Patti Gibbons / K. Velis TuranBottom Row: Dea Archbold / Lisa Breznak / Maria Kolodziej-Zincio

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries,
the gallery will also feature two portfolios – theme: object(s)

Laura Dodson, Old is New

It Was from portfolio: Old is New,  by Laura Dodson, pigment print, 15×15″ on 17×22″ paper, ed of 6 + 2AP

Malcolm Easton, Artifacts of Strangers

Celebration by Malcolm Easton from portfolio: Artifacts of a Stranger; edition size of 5

Cheryl Lickona, photocollage and mixed media

Moon Dreams, photo collage by Cheryl Lickona

Moon Dreams, photo collage by Cheryl Lickona

Cheryl Lickona’s works turn architecture into fabric, sculpture into models, and simple settings into magical environments.  Her digital collages combine a love for vintage images and objects with alove of photography and storytelling.  Many of the elements in her collages are from Art Deco and Classical sculptures and vintage photographs.  Using these and other found imagery from a wide range of sources, she takes unconnected objects and combines them into something new and unexpected.  With a touch of fantasy, and certainly a romantic viewpoint, each collage suggests a story. Sometimes obvious; sometimes requiring the viewer’s invention and sometimes suggesting a world not quite explainable.

Bio: Cheryl Lickona is an illustrator, artisan, photographer, and writer. A Hudson Valley native, and a resident of NYC for 30+ years, she began her professional career as a fashion illustrator, working for such notable names as Elizabeth Arden, Bloomingdales, Henri Bendel, Bullocks, Glamour Magazine, Estee Lauder. Her designs have been included in the Museum of Modern Art Christmas Card Collection. Moving to Columbia County in 2006, Lickona began to explore other media including photography, writing, and digital collage.

Recent exhibitions include several curated group shows at Emerge Gallery, Saugerties NY. Her work has also been exhibited at The Gallery at The Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, Columbia County Council of the Arts, Greene County Council of the Arts, The Hudson Opera House, and an Arts Thirteen Exhibit at the Rhinebeck Public Library. One of her collages appears on the book cover of “Phantom Moon”(Hansen Publishing.)

Curator Cheryl Lickona & Friends Mixing Media

Curator Cheryl Lickona has invited seven mixed media artists to join her in this exhibition. She and the artists have two things in common, besides their friendships. First, they share a love for natural forms.  Second, their creativity is ever-expanding. They take their medium and push the boundaries.  

“I am honored to share the gallery with these talented women; below is a brief description of their work.”  Cheryl Lickona

K.Velis Turan, screen-printing her own images, creates quilted paintings of urban landscapes, architectural renderings, even portraits that are detailed, textured and filled with color and life.

Lisa Breznak, known for her small gold leafed sculptures, is now creating organic wall art—sculpted panels from the raw material of foam core.

Gretchen Kelly‘s watercolor paintings are spontaneous and beautiful whether she is painting a figure—as in this show—a flower, or plein-air landscape. She makes it look joyful and effortless as an accompanying video will reveal.

Patti Gibbons’ color and sense of design and form flow through each of the many mediums she works in.  An unstoppable powerhouse of talent, in this show we feature Patti’s collages and paintings.

Dea Archbold’sart glass pieces create magic as they catch light. Trained in painting and the traditional art of stained glass repair, she has evolved those talents into an art form filled with nature, color and small delicate paintings. 

Maria Kolodziej-Zinciouses her sense of history and family, and the love of her environment and her home, to create small, evocative photo-based encaustic pieces. Her subjects, so  exquisitely simple, lay frozen in that final layer of wax and paint.

Melanie Burrowsunique and inspired jewelry draw you in. Her use of color and natural forms create works that make you want to touch and wear them.



Portfolio Showcase

Laura Dodson, photography: Old is New

Silver by Laura Dodson, pigment print, 15×15″ on 22×17″paper, edition size: 6 + 2AP

In Old is New,Laura Dodson examines memory by revisiting Dutch still life painting, remastered for a contemporary audience. In Dodson’s images, observation gives way to imagination and fictional narrative; color, light, and the layers of time and space collide. She uses photographic montage to layer alternate states and abstraction to emphasize an edgy suspension between reality and dream. Water provides a stage that is infinitely malleable and suggestive of the irrational.

Bio:  Laura Dodson is a lens-based artist working in New York and Athens, Greece. She has been the subject of six one-person exhibitions (Kouros Gallery, NY and Gallery7, Athens). Her work has recently appeared at The Clemente Center, Lesley Heller Workspace, the New York Studio School and Elizabeth Harris Gallery in New York, the Godwin-Turnbach Museum in Queens, Five Myles, Sideshow Gallery and Schaffler Gallery in Brooklyn. Her photographs are in the permanent collection of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki and the American College of Athens.

Malcolm Easton, photography: Artifacts of Strangers

Watching You by Malcolm Easton, pigment print, 21×14″, edition size 5

Malcolm Easton collects well-used domestic objects that were left behind by their former owners. Each manufactured item came from a stream of identical objects. But through wear, damage or decay, each became unique over time. In choosing from the artifacts of strangers, I’m drawn to those that connect with my own experiences. Inspired by historical approaches to bricolage, Easton creates temporary arrangements that exist only for the purpose of being photographed.

Easton’s approach to lighting suggests the passage of time. Working in a windowed studio, he uses a handheld mirror to reflect a beam of sunlight onto his subjects. While the shutter is open, he moves his hand, adding a gestural component to the illumination. If a subject is in motion, the fleeting light catches it at more than one position, creating a multiple exposure. 

Bio:  Malcolm Easton has been a collector and tinkerer all his life. Born in New York, he’s a longtime resident of Berkeley, California. His interest in photography began at an early age, and has included shooting stereo, 35 mm color slides, and monochrome landscapes. His still life photographs center on artifacts from daily life. Malcolm’s images reflect our consumer culture and the life cycle of objects that pass through it. His work has been shown in galleries across the U.S. and internationally.