Salon Salon
Plus Portfolio Showcase


Reception: Saturday, September 21, 5-7pm
Show dates: September 21 to October 20, 2019

This Exhibition is
dedicated to the memory of Richard Edelman

Carla Shapiro Elaine Mayes
Jeff Jacobson Karen Davis
Kay Kenny Ken Tannenbaum
Richard Edelman Ruth Wetzel
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 Portfolio Showcase
selected through international call for entries
Evy Huppert & Cindy Weisbart

Carla Shapiro, To Capture a Shadow

Sparks by Carla Shapiro

Elaine Mayes, Red Red

Red Swath by Elaine Mayes

Jeff Jacobson

Sunny, Mt Tremper, NY 2013 by Jeff Jacobson

Karen Davis, Timeless Attraction

Timeless Attraction 9 by Karen Davis

Kay Kenny, Rural Night: A Poetic Tribute

Tent Meeting by Kay Kenny

Ken Tannenbaum, Commentary and Other Quandaries

Underpass by Ken Tannenbaum

Richard Edelman, By Oneself

Durham NC by Richard Edelman

Ruth Wetzel, Pool Noir

Going for Gold by Ruth Wetzel

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries,
the gallery will also feature two portfolios. The theme was open:

Evy Huppert & Cindy Weisbart

Evy Huppert, Wild Spirits

Supplication by Evy Huppert

“We are fallen in mostly broken pieces…but the wild can still return us to ourselves.”
~ Robert Macfarlane

I made this work on journeys south to untamed places in the sea islands of Georgia with a tribe of like-minded artists. The images and characters come from dreams and memories the land drew out from my personal mythology. Timeless, yet inhabited for millennia, the islands carry a spiritual presence of deep wildness palpable in the light and shadows; the ancient alligators and birds, the feral pigs and donkeys, and the artifacts of their existence lying everywhere. My photographs explore the emotions and spiritual experiences that the land and the light evoked: vulnerability, captivity, lost-ness, sanctuary, and wildness set free.

Bio: Evy Huppert is a fine art photographer whose black and white film-based work explores emotional narratives in both landscape and portraiture. A native of Minnesota and long-time resident of New England, she considers herself to be a true ‘child of the North.’ Permanently light-deprived, her remedy for personal and collective seasonal affective disorder is making images that are often about light itself.
Her work has been included in juried exhibits at the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Vermont Center for Photography, the Center for Fine Art Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery, and A Smith Gallery. Her photographs were featured on Lenscratch in July 2019, and have appeared in numerous print publications, including The Hand Magazine, SHOTS Magazine, where Evy was the first featured Emerging Photographer, and in Diffusion Annual X, forthcoming. Her work is in private collections in the US and Europe.

Cindy Weisbart, Three and Six!

Three and Six! no. 12 by Cindy Weisbart

I am an urban public high school history teacher in Cambridge, MA. My colleague and friend Nkrumah Jones coaches the nationally-ranked Bunker Hill Community College men’s basketball team in Boston. I visited the gym last fall, and witnessed his gifts and passion for mentorship. Coach and players showed humor, outrageousness, loyalty, political awareness and maturity.

The images in “Three and Six!” contribute to more comprehensive, fresh representations of Black masculinity. Throughout the winning season, I documented a wide range of emotional expression and tenacity in this team, when African American young men continue to suffer traumatic and deadly consequences of implicit bias, misjudged to be more adult, more responsible, more criminal than white young men. 

My photographs pay attention to the team paying attention. The metaphor is basketball, the lessons are for life, the model is interdependence. “Three and six,” Nkrumah intones. “1-2-3 Bulldogs! 4-5-6 Family!” the players shout.

Bio: In San Jose las Flores, El Salvador, Cindy Weisbartobserved coyunturalanalysis, where a community analyzes the political moment by including every point of view and transforming that collective understanding into action. In her documentary work, Cindy looks for moments of coyuntura— representations of our common humanity. She is inspired by the collaborations in The Photo League, the Kamoinge Collective and the Bronx Documentary Center. Cindy’s documentary work has been exhibited in solo shows in the Boston area at Somerville Public Library, Bunker Hill Community College, and Social Documentary Network, and in group shows at Gallery 263, Somerville City Hall, the Griffin Museum of Photography, Cambridge and Plymouth Art Associations, and Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a loyal student of Stella Johnson. Cindy lives and works near Cambridge, Mass., where she is a public high school history teacher.