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 Landscapes: Abstract, Fractured, Suggested


Margaret Saliske

David Drake

 Portfolio Showcase 
Barrack Evans and William Nourse

Exhibition Dates:
June 16 to July 8, 2018

Reception for Artists: Saturday, June 16, 5-7 pm  

Margaret Saliske – mixed media

“Site 1″, 14″ x 19”, inkjet, masonite, plexiglas by Margaret Saliske 

"Fioli," 2016, 14"h x 13"w, 3"d, inkjet, aluminum by Margaret Saliske

“Fioli,” 2016, 14″h x 13″w, 3″d, inkjet, aluminum by Margaret Saliske

David Drake – mixed media, painting

"To Advocate" 11"x17", graphite and acrylic on bristol by David Drake

“To Advocate” 11″x17″, graphite and acrylic on bristol by David Drake

by David Drake

Edges Evening, 19″ x 24″, acrylic and pastel on bristol by David Drake

Portfolio Showcase

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries, 
the gallery will also feature two portfolios  

Barrack Evans, Iceland, the road to Höfn

Blue Wall by Barrack Evans

Blue Wall by Barrack Evans

William Nourse, Detachment

Terra Incognita XVIII by William Nourse

Terra Incognita XVIII by William Nourse 

About the Artists

Margaret Saliske, Recent Work

Yellow and Blue by Margaret Saliske, inkjet and aluminum

Yellow and Blue, 11″w x 4.5″d x 17″h  by Margaret Saliske, inkjet and aluminum

Artist Margaret Saliske of Hudson NY is interested in manipulating how we see the natural world and man made objects that reside in it. How structure can alter depth of field and create a new setting for what is familiar.

Saliske uses photographic images of landscapes, architecture and industrial sites . The landscapes, though flat photographic images, become 3 dimensional again by cutting, folding, creating new planes and spaces that juxtapose the natural imagery.

Most recently she has become interested in how architecture and industrial structures are situated in the landscape. She has been photographing sites and then removing, reiterating and reimagining elements in a new format . They are abstracted yet still relate to the initial image generating a new space devoid of landscape.

Bio:  Margaret Saliske lived and worked in New York City until moving to the Hudson River Valley in 1989. Recent group exhibitions include Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz NY; Opalka Gallery, Albany NY, Graficas Gallery, Nantucket MA; Carrie Haddad Photographs and Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY. Saliske has been represented by Stafford Contemporary and Graficas Gallery. She has a B.A. degree from Bennington College and attended the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program in Studio Art.

David Drake, Recent Work

Sluggish, 19″ x 24″, graphite pencil on bristol by David Drake

Sluggish, 19″ x 24″, graphite pencil on bristol by David Drake

Having studied printmaking, David Drake is more attracted to the drawing process as a way in to both his drawings and paintings. For him, drawing is a way of interpreting the world; the importance of “feeling” what you are drawing as it comes to life is paramount. Moving back and forth between drawing and painting, Drake will stay with a single object or idea, expanding or contracting the world around it through a series of works.

Drake’s recent work started out as an exercise in improvisation that evolved into “something like “landscape.” Drake prefers not to plan but rather, be open and receptive—to improvise, to start something before he knows what it’s going to be.

Drake likes to leave clues to his thought processes—like when he decides to move a line that he has drawn in pencil, creating a sense of motion because you can still see the pale shadow of the old line. “You can erase a line, but it leaves a ghost.” He likes the chaotic feeling that comes from all the apparent indecision and ambiguity as he works, but he also likes the resolution that comes as its final state evolves out of what were just squiggles and patience.
Thanks to Stephen Leon for sharing info with the gallery. For an extended interview with Drake, see Stephen Leon Blog

Bio: David Drake of Catskill NY, and longtime resident of Hudson NY, received his BFA in printmaking with a minor in photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art where he studied with Carroll Cassil, Ralph Woehrmann and Robert Jergens. After graduating, he taught photography in Cleveland Public Schools and began a life long practice of painting and drawing. While earning his degree in printmaking, Drake waited tables and bartended, skills that carried him through the financial ups and downs of life as an artist. (Currently he bartends at the restaurant Rive Gauche Bistro in Athens).

Previous solo exhibitions include Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY and Cabane Gallery, Phoenicia NY. Among the galleries he has exhibited are the Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis MD; Neville Sargeant Gallery, Chicago IL; Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester VT. His work is represented in private and corporate collections throughout the country.

Portfolio Showcase

Barrack Evans, Iceland, the road to Höfn

Iceberg by Barrack Evans

Iceberg by Barrack Evans

In 2012, Barrack Evans saw the James Balog documentary, Chasing Ice, about photographing receding glaciers all over the world. He knew he needed to see these massive rivers of ice before their wonder melted into the oceans.  Five years later, he travelled to Iceland to drive 500 km along it’s southeast coast past Vatnajökull Glacier, Europe’s largest glacier, to Vestrahorn Mountain near Höfn and photograph some of the same glaciers that so dramatically demonstrate the effects of global warming on our planet. 

He drove the ring road, living out of a camper with no schedule to keep except a midweek reservation for a zodiac boat tour on the Jökulsárlón lagoon. The landscapes are not only glaciers but also lagoons and icebergs left behind as a result of glacial retreat. Vatnajökull National Park is surrounded by the black sand beaches of Diamond Beach and getting there takes you along moss covered lava fields, past ancient sea cliffs, waterfalls, rivers and canyons formed by progressive erosion. Vatnajökull has deglaciated by about 10% since the end of the 19th century, 3% lost in just the last 10 years. Any return to Iceland would be to a new and altered landscape of diminished glaciers.

Bio: After over 30 years of managing Non-Profit and Off-Broadway theatre companies, Barrack Evans has returned to his home state, Vermont, where he is a fine art photographer based in Dorset and the proud new owner/operator of Battenkill Bicycles in Manchester, VT. Balancing life as an artist and bicycle shop owner/cyclist, he photographs a range of subjects in Vermont and travels when he can to locations from Yosemite National Park to Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. His photographs have been exhibited in solo and group shows at the Southern Vermont Art Center, Manchester, Vermont.

Barrack Evans is a graduate of Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production Arts. He has studied photography at the International Center for Photography in New York City and the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA.

William Nourse, Detachment

Terra Incognita XXXIII by William Nourse

Terra Incognita XXXIII by William Nourse 

While landscape photography often concentrates on showing beauty or drama with context such as a grand landscape in the mountains, William Nourse is deliberately focused on taking that context away from the viewer. Shot in the Gobi Desert in November 2017, there is no sense of scale, and orientation of the images feels arbitrary, rather than conforming to traditional landscape standards. By detaching the images from their context, he forces the viewer to ask the question ‘what am I looking at?’ and come to her own conclusions.

Bio: Will Nourse is a landscape photographer known for his use of color and texture to bring his outdoor experiences to life.

His work reflects a lifetime of hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing and sailing, all of which have given him a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.  He was a featured artist in the exhibition ‘Expeditions: From Iceland to the Gobi’ at the Paula Estey Gallery, Newburyport, MA. In 2017 he was selected for the Cambridge Art Association’s National Prize Show (2017), and his image ‘Seljalandsfoss #2’ was selected as Best in Show for Photography in the NAA’s 20th Annual Regional Juried Show (2017). Nourse resides in Amesbury, MA.