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September 5 to October 5,  2014

Artists’ Reception, Saturday September 13, 6-8pm

Two Concurrent Solo Exhibitions:

Wendy Paton | Visages de Nuit

Lear Levin | Burlesque & Cabaret

Portfolio Showcase  
Karine LaRocque & Gary Zuercher

Wendy Paton
Visages de Nuit

Look at Me by Wendy PatonLook at Me, silver gelatin  print © Wendy Paton

Lear Levin
Burlesque & Cabaret

01 Melissa one wing up by Lear LevinMelissa, One Wing Up, 4-color dichromate process print  © Lear Levin

Portfolio Showcase

Karine LaRocque, Of Bacchanalia

Karine LaRocque-Bakkheia 9Bakkheia 9 © Karine LaRocque

Gary Zuercher, Night Life – San Clemente

Gary Zuercher-SanoMartSan’o Mart © Gary Zuercher

Wendy Paton | Visages de Nuit

Thru The Frame by Wendy Paton

Visages de Nuit is a collection of  black and white candid night portraits, shot over a six-year period from 2006-2012 in various international cities.   Paton created this series of nocturnal images to explore the mystery of the night and to bring the viewer into her subject’s nighttime world.  Captured in a brief moment and seen through the subject’s emotions, these images are meant to explore the many layers of the human personality.     Paton observes that people act differently at night.  They let their guard down.  They become who they really are, or they transform themselves into someone real or imagined; who they want to be.  Life seems to become freer flowing as opposed to how people tend to act in the light of day. Her interpretation of these candid moments is further emphasized by the deep contrast and dynamic printing style for this work which conveys the surreal quality of life at night. (above: Thru the Frame, silver gelatin print © Wendy Paton)

bio: Wendy Paton is an award winning American photographer best known for her dramatic, black and white, candid night portraits. Concurrent with this exhibition at the Davis Orton Gallery, the Michener Art Museum, Doylestown PA, is presenting Wendy Payton | Nuit Blanche comprised of a premiere selection of Visages de Nuit complemented by a collection of her latest series, Reclaiming Dignity, in an installation of seventy of the artist’s silver gelatin prints. Paton’s work has been widely exhibited in gallery and museum venues internationally and is included in notable private and public collections.  In 2012 a retrospective of her series of nocturnal portraits, “Visages de Nuit”, was exhibited at the museum at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia, September 4 – November 11,2012.

Book, Visages de Nuit by Wendy PatonPaton’s monograph, “Visages de Nuit”, published by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, was released internationally in September 2012, and in the U.S. May 2013 coinciding with her second solo New York exhibition at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery.  The book was nominated for the 2013 German Photo Book Award and the European Author Book Award 2013. Her images have been widely published in the press in the U.S., Europe and Russia appearing in CNN WORLD, Prime Time Russia Today Television, Schwarzweiss Magazine, Moscow News, NightStyle Magazine, Le Journal de la Photographie, and The Photo Review among others.

 Lear Levin, Burlesque & Cabaret

Anastasia Cries by Lear Levin

Lear Levin’s series of three and four color gum dichromate and platinum/palladium prints, Burlesque & Cabaret, is an evocation of Weimar Berlin and Backstage at ‘Minsky’s,” New York City, circa 1930’s.  Levin has always been enthralled by the lure of burlesque. He was a regular at The Old Howard Theater in Boston’s Scully Square in the 1950’s and prior to that, at age 13, he snuck into the Globe Theater in Atlantic City New Jersey. During his college days, as an aspiring filmmaker, he often hung out backstage with the cast at The New Follies Theater on Main Street in Los Angeles, hoping some day to make a film on Burlesque.  While he never made that film.  when he retired from motion pictures and took up still photography, Platinum and 3 Color Gum Printing, it seemed natural for him to finally explore what the colorful backstage life might have looked like during the old days of Burlesque.  (above: Anastasia Cries, 3 color gum dichromate print © Lear Levin)

bio:  After graduating from The University of Southern California’s Cinema and Drama Schools,  Lear Levin became a director of award winning documentaries, short films and (literally) thousands of TV commercials, one of which, for Prince Spaghetti, is the longest running in the history of the medium.  His motion picture film work is preserved in the permanent collection of such institutions as The Museum of Modern Art in New York and The George Eastman House.

While directing for film and television, Levin also continued his personal vision of fine art photography.  His regard for the past as well as  his feel for archival, textural printing techniques  led him to the darkroom where he finishes his work using methods such as Gum Dichromate and Platinum/Palladium to create the hand-made images reminiscent of late nineteenth and early twentieth century photography.

Levin has exhibited his work at  Iris Gallery in Boston, Moss & Moss Gallery in San Francisco and in a group show at CCCA gallery, Hudson NY.  His three and four color gum dichromate and platinum prints will be featured at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA in October 2014.

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase Call for Work, the gallery is also featuring outstanding portfolios by Karine LaRocque and Gary Zuercher

Karine LaRocque, Of Bacchanalia

Katrine LaRocque-Modern Dionysus 2

Concert venues, particularly at night, become the playground in which we share our modern day Dionysian impulses. Crowds of people are seen gathered together by the hundreds, foregoing any inhibitions or usual social boundaries of space, to enjoy moments of release and excitement. As a music photographer, LaRocque enjoys to turn the camera away from the action on stage to catch a glimpse of the individuals who take role as active participants in the evening’s vibrant exchange of energy. Music and performers have the power to connect us all through our passions, in moments that showcase the beauty of the human spirit. “It is with great reward that we reunite at night to enjoy the carelessness and chaos of the Bacchus tradition.”

Karine LaRocque is a Montreal-based visual artist with over a decade of influence in the field of pop culture and media. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally, as well as in a number of online sources.

LaRocque is inspired by culture and the stories of our generation. After years working in print media and a stint as editor-in-chief at Naked Eye magazine, she decided to focus her attention on photojournalism. She is known for her work on tour with various music artists, as well as for her coverage of sporting events and documentary projects. Her experience mingling with celebrities, subcultures, and people from a variety of backgrounds has provided her with a unique point-of-view that seeks the constant exploration of the world we live in.

Gary Zuercher, Night Life – San Clemente

Gary Zuercher-Outrigger

Richard Nixon’s “Western White House” was located on prime beachfront real estate in San Clemente, CA. Today’s San Clemente is known for two things: surfing and U.S. Marines. Since Camp Pendleton is only a few miles to the south, many Marines, both active and retired, make their homes in San Clemente. Because the best surfing areas are next to Camp Pendleton, and because many Marines are also surfers, there has been considerable tension between the local surfing community and the Marines. Gary Zuercher started photographing night surfing in San Clemente in 2006, partly to record the surfer versus Marines conflict, but also to document the changing cultural attitudes as the area becomes more diverse and the traditional Republican conservative population wanes. By 2010, he was turning his camera inland, towards isolated figures and late night stores that service the area.

Gary Zuercher has exhibited widely in juried exhibitions throughout California. His landscapes of the American West have been featured in Black and White Magazine, Creative Quarterly Magazine and Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Recent work in night photography in the city have been exhibited and received recognition and awards from New York Center for Photographic Art and Paducah KY Photo 2014 at the Yeiser Art Center.  Zuercher studied sculpture, printmaking and design at Bradley University School of Fine Art.