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Portfolio Showcase 3

Call for Portfolios – Deadline August 4, 2021 
Theme: Alternative Visions of the Natural World

Exhibition Dates: September 4 to October 3, 2021

Abstract Expression
July 31 to August29, 2021
Reception: August 14, 5:30-8pm
during 2nd Saturday Hudson Gallery Crawl

Jessica Ann Willis

Linda Cassidy

Portfolios by
Marcie Scudder & Betsey Hansell

Jessica Ann Willis, ken : embodiment

Jessica Ann Willis-I find myself here, pigment print 30×20″

Dog, Woman, Woods by Jessica Ann Willis

Linda Cassidy, The Sushumna Series

The Sushumna Project 1 by Linda Cassidy

The Sushumna Series 1 by Linda Cassidy

The Sushumna Project 2 by Linda Cassidy

The Sushumna Series 2 by Linda Cassidy

Portfolio Showcase: Abstract Expression
Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries

Marcie Scudder, Synesthesia

Synesthesia 1 by Marcie Scudder

Synesthesia 1 by Marcie Scudder

Betsey Hansell, Mysteries

Mystery 16, 17×22″, pigment print by Betsey Hansell

About the Artists and Their Work

Jessica Ann Willis, ken : embodiment

Untitled 2018-05-07-22-50-33 by Jessica Ann Willis

The conceptual thread that unites Jessica Ann Willis’s work in several media is the idea that seeing is a practice.  We choose what we see. Much of her photo work of the past five years has been about yielding to and dialoguing with two tendencies: we are hardwired to recognize patterns that give meaning; we avert our eyes from things we don’t like, that frightens, that triggers repulsion.

Willis’s subjects originate in snapshots she makes or finds – often something cliched or an image easily ignored. She folds a snapshot upon itself in multiple ways to produce an image that belies original photograph.  Often, through this process, she finds figures she draws out and intensifies through dense layers of imagery to create a complex narrative.

Jessica Ann Willis is a Hudson NY based media artist whose ongoing work in photography, sculpture and painting are at the core of her practice which is installation.  Jessica’s work has been shown regionally in numerous solo and group shows since moving to the Hudson area twelve years ago.  Two of her virtual reality pieces were selected for the 2018 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region Juried Show, receiving a Juror’s Award.  She contributed paintings to Monsters in America, at 5 Mile Gallery in Kingston NY which traveled to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland Maine. Her artwork and installations appeared in two iterations of Bedroom with The Woman Artist Team and her video and installation work appeared at the Mobile Home Show in Catskill NY.  In 2020 she had a virtual Artist Showcase solo show at Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson and was one of thirty selected artists in Jewel the Wound at the Milliner at Salon.

Linda Cassidy, The Sushumna Series

The Sushumna Project, 0 by Linda Cassidy

The Sushumna Nadi is theorized by yogis to be the central channel in the human body through which prana, the subtle life energy, flows. Comprehensible only through imaginative inquiry, the Sushumna retracts in the face of certainty. So we tip-toe towards that interactive edge between what our senses tell us is real and our inward not-knowing, reveling for a moment in the light that comes forward to meet the light.

In The Sushumna Series Linda Cassidy explores that point where the beauty of the world, hidden in plain sight within every form, becomes momentarily and clearly discernible.  T.S. Eliot refers to it as “the still point of the turning world.”

That still point speaks to Cassidy in color.

Artist Linda Cassidy lives and works in the Hudson Valley. Her recent work probes the intersections between the perceived surfaces of the 3-dimensional physical world and the vast virtual possibilities of digital art. This includes photos that behave like paintings, paintings that become transformed into layered photos, light streams that transpose into perceived matter, fractalization of common forms; all are part of her present inquiry.

Her work is represented internationally in private collections as well as the Water Mill Museum and Guild Hall Museum, Easthampton NY. She received her BA from Bard College, where she studied with poets George Quasha and Robert Kelly, composer Ben Boretz and painter Elizabeth Murray. She received her MA from SUNY Stony Brook, where she worked with Robert White, Howardina Pindell and Lawrence Alloway.

Portfolio Showcase: Abstract Expression
Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries

Synesthesia 6 by Marcie Scudder

Marcie Scudder, Synesthesia

Mondays were green. Tuesdays were yellow. Fridays were always a deep shade of violet/black. Until recently, Marcie Scudder believed everyone associated days of the week with color. Her mind experienced space as color, shadow as hue, light as a sparkly interplay between the two.

Josef Albers spoke to the complexity of seeing color as it truly is. Marcie Scudder likes to believe that color is not simply seen, but experienced and imagined through all of our senses. Synesthesia is an exploration into the color and joy of simple play. It acts as an explanation and response to her internal sensual perceptions.

Marcie Scudder is a lens-based mixed-media artist from Vermont currently working in photography, artist bookmaking and larger scale installation art.

Her art is rooted in Modernist Formalist practices, with color as a common thread. Inspired by the ever-changing Vermont landscape, subject matter ranges from representational to abstract. Her work has appeared in numerous featured and group shows regionally and on her popular art blog.

Her background also includes work as an architect, writer, and yoga instructor.  She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Maine Media College.

Betsey Hansell, Mysteries

Mystery 13 by Betsey Hansell

Mystery 13 by Betsey Hansell

In Mysteries, Betsey Hansell creates abstracted photographs of real objects that probe beneath surfaces, challenge perception and can bypass logic to engage with one’s deepest feelings – much as music does. Bounced around by glass and mirrors, a constructed scene becomes a dreamworld that cannot, yet does exist.

Her photographs suggest the fragility and impermanence of what is real and the possibility that what you see may be vastly different from what it appears to be.

Artist Betsey Hansell, based in Yardley PA, uses mirrors, glass, and reflections, to make abstract photographs of a mysterious space between truth and fiction, revealing bits of the real world in the distorted confusion of dreams.

Her work has been featured at Soulcatcher Studio, Santa Fe; The Curated Fridge, Boston; Black Box Gallery, Portland; Women’s Caucus for Art and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA. Photographs from Penn’s Point, about the transformation of a suburban woodland habitat into an attached housing development, will be exhibited in Environmental Alterations, at the Millepiani Gallery in Rome in September 2021.

Hansell earned BFA and MFA degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit, where her paintings of unmade beds appeared in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries.

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