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On the Photograph
paint, text, stitches and more

Edie Bresler

Nichole Washington

Portfolio Showcase 
Anne Diggory  & Gail Peachin

Exhibition Dates:
September 22 to October 21, 2018

Reception for Artists: Saturday, September 22, 5-7 pm  

Edie Bresler, Anonymous

Man with Wings, mixed media by Edie Bresler

Anonymous man 1880, 2018, Cyanotype on paper with embroidery, 16”x20” by Edie Bresler

Woman - Fall, mixed media by Edie Bresler

Woman – Fall, mixed media by Edie Bresler

Nichole Washington, For My Girls and Other Works

For My Girls 2, mixed media by Nichole Washington

I Consider Her My Blood and It Don’t Come No Thicker, Hand painted details on pigment print by Nichole Washington

For My Girls 9 by Nichole Washington

 Noble Sis from Represent series by Nichole Washington

Portfolio Showcase

Selected through our Portfolio Showcase International Call for Entries, 
the gallery will also feature two portfolios

Anne Diggory, Out of Place

Art Entrance by Anne Diggory

Gail Peachin, Human Form

Untitled 1 by Gail Peachin 

About the Artists

Edie Bresler, Anonymous

Girl with Sequins 2, mixed media, by Edie Bresler

Girl with Sequins 2, mixed media, by Edie Bresler

During a year-long illness, Edie Bresler spent more time looking at photographs in books than making them. A series of anonymous nudes from various sources, all made between 1843-1910 entered her consciousness and kept her restless. It was not just the finality of the title, “anonymous”, but wonder about the relationship between photographer and subject. She found herself inventing backstories. Is that a moment of intimacy or a fond remembrance in their gaze? She spent a lot of time imagining what they might have been like outside the photographers studio.

To satisfy her curiosity, she scanned the original reproduction to digitally remove them from the studio. Then printing on clear film she could photograph them against a window onto a landscape or combine the film with traditional darkroom processes such as blue cyanotype. Mirroring her own recovery, she started embroidering, sewing or drawing a costume or blanket as a gesture of renewal and second chances. This project is ongoing.

Bio:  Edie Bresler is a 2017 recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council fellowship in Photography. Her photographs have most recently been exhibited at Gallery Kayafas in Boston, International Photography Festival in Pingyao China and Davis Orton Gallery and Photoville in New York. Edie and her projects have been featured on Good Morning America, PBS Greater Boston as well as Photograph Magazine, Slate, Business Insider, Lenscratch, Photo District New and Esquire Russia. She earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC and an MFA from LUCAD, Boston. She lives in Somerville, MA with her son and leads the Photography program at Simmons College.

Nichole Washington, For My Girls and Other Works

For My Girls 5, mixed media by Nichole Washington

For My Girls 5, mixed media by Nichole Washington

Nichole Washington creates super-heroine characters that exist in a space where they are respected, loved and protected. She photographs her subjects in confident poses, digitally manipulates the image and then adds bold paint strokes.  Nichole’s strong use of design and bright colors evoke a powerful energy from each piece. She describes the work as a spiritual journey of expressing her inner world amidst pop culture influences. 

For My Girls is a celebration of bold and expressive black women inspired by 1990’s female hip-hop artists. Nichole photographs her subjects in confident poses and adds gouache, hand painted details on top of the prints. In her most recent work Nichole creates unique symbols inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs and Adinkra symbols. She paints these symbols around her subjects to offer love and protection.

Bio: Nichole Washington is a visual artist living and working in New York.  Nichole’s work is featured in the inaugural issue of MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora. She has exhibited at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit,  Andrew Freedman Home in Bronx, NY, The Untitled Space in Soho New York, and School of Visual Arts – Chelsea Gallery. She has led a self-portrait workshop at Lower East Side Girls Club , spoken on a panel at “Photoville” and has been interviewed on Adobe “Make It”. 

Nichole holds a master’s degree from School of Visual Arts in digital photography and a bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing. 

Portfolio Showcase

Anne Diggory, Out of Place

Opening by Anne Diggory

In Anne Diggory’s hybrid works that combine photography and painting she challenges the conventions of each media as well as the traditions of the usual content of landscapes and still lifes. Varying in size from one to 9 feet wide, each one begins as desire to express her fragmented experience of a real place. She starts by combining photos of that place with photos of artwork, both her own and appropriated images. The resulting print then becomes the basis for further painting.
Diggory’s images are “out of place” in both the sense of being transformations of a real place and for their shifts in location, content, and media.

Bio:  Anne Diggory has worked out of her studio in Saratoga Springs, New York, for almost 40 years. Her work has been seen in over 35 solo exhibitions and 75 group exhibitions in the United States, Panama and Germany. Recently Anne’s hybrid works combining photography and painting were the focus of two solo exhibits — in New York City at the Blue Mountain Gallery and at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY. That work was featured in the Adirondack Explorer, Saratoga Living and the 2015 photography issue of Adirondack Life “The shifts between painting, photography and digital manipulation continue to be “startling and disorienting, as well as beautiful,” with “mysterious, absorbing blends” (Jay Rogoff, Adirondack Life, March 2015). Diggory’s combination of accurate detail with expressive painting and strong abstract structure are an outgrowth of education at Yale and Indiana University and many years of exploring and painting the natural world. 

Gail Peachin, Human Form

Untitled 2 by Gail Peachin

Gail Peachin finds her base photographs in discarded family albums.  Working with the human form in the snapshot, from the beginning, she knew she wanted to give them new life. At first she removed the form and collaged the empty spaces with black paper.  Wanting to do more, used art magazines, catalogs, gameboards, and maps for textures and patterns to both fill the void and create a balance between the background and the human form. She has also used the removed form and collaged it into other backgrounds. 

Bio: Gail Peachin received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago with a major in ceramics.  While raising a family and maintaining a dried flower business, with three partners, she opened Fern, an antique store in Hudson NY. She is now sole owner.  Always interested in the visual relationship between the human form and its environment, “Human Forms” is her first series of photocollages to explore this interest. Gail exhibits and sells work from “Human Form” at Fern in the Antique Warehouse in Hudson NY.